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Designing a 360 Feedback Program For Leaders

Posted by Darleen DeRosa February 19, 2013

I was recently interviewed by the folks at McLean and Company on using 360 feedback for development. I was quoted several times in the final report and my book (co-authored with Toni Lucia), The Art and Science of 360 Feedback, was also used as a reference.

Designing and implementing a highly effective 360 feedback process comes down to getting four things right:

  1. 360-feedback-coverIdentify competencies that are shown to differentiate top performers
  2. Collect and display data that is perceived to be (and actually is) anonymous and confidential
  3. Provide managers with support and help to analyze and interpret their individual feedback reports and to create a personal development plan
  4. Provide follow up activities and coaching to maintain momentum and focus on development goals

For more information and specific tips and guidelines to help ensure these four factors are in place and that your managers and leaders get the most out of your 360 feedback process click here.

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