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6 Ways to Build Trust

Posted by OnPoint Consulting November 21, 2013


Every successful relationship is founded on trust, and this is especially true in the business world. But building trust with managers, team members and clients is not always easy. Based on our experience, here are 6 surefire ways to establish and maintain trust within your workplace:

1) Be Forthcoming

Tell the whole truth. Don’t exaggerate or leave out important details that could lead people to draw false conclusions down the road. By doing so, you show people that you have nothing to hide.

2) Listen Well

People reciprocate attention. If you listen, really listen, to what someone is saying, they’ll likewise engage in what you’re saying.

3) Non-verbal Cues Matter

If you say, in a monotone voice, “Your work is excellent and valuable to the company,” no one will believe you. Instead, try adjusting your body language: lean in, make eye contact and convey genuine enthusiasm to accurately communicate your message.

4) Value Your Relationships

Successes are short-term; they come and go. Your team, however, is there for the long haul. It is in your best interest to let them know you care about them and value their efforts. After all, they are the ones who contribute to the business’s success.

5) Follow-up

If someone is forced to check-in with you about the progress of your work or ask you about the status of a project, a little bit of your reliability is already lost. However, when you take initiative to provide an update or progress report, you demonstrate how dependable you are.

6) There’s no “I” in “TEAM”

Focus on we rather than me. Though we are all guilty of self-serving motives from time to time, try to more frequently focus on the needs and priorities of others and promote mutually beneficial relationships with open communication.

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