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5 Key Principles to Influencing Without Authority

Posted by Rick Lepsinger November 19, 2018

In today’s team-oriented, dynamic business environment, the ability to influence others without relying upon positional authority is vital to leadership success. The days of managers getting people to do what they want them to do simply by virtue of their position in an organization are long gone. With more and more companies embracing flatter management structures that reduce traditional hierarchies and utilize cross-functional teams, leaders need to find more effective ways of securing buy-in and commitment than simply resorting to the tired “because I said so” justification.

To be an effective influencer, leaders need to develop strong relationships, establish their credibility, and learn about the goals and values of others to form the basis for future influencing strategies. Good leaders understand that laying this foundation is critical to influencing in business, making it possible for them to convince people to change their behavior, consider new options, or support new initiatives. In general, these requests are more likely to be followed when leaders know how to tailor them to a specific audience.

Our latest infographic, 5 Key Principles to Influencing Without Authority, provides a valuable guide for leaders looking for ways to strengthen their influencing management skills regardless of their position within an organization or team.



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