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High Performance, Agile Leadership: A Balancing Act

Posted by Rick Lepsinger July 20, 2017


We all know leaders who get things done and those who don’t. What sets them apart?

The answer lies not in personality or charm, but in leadership agility.

Most research and theories focus on one or two aspects of leadership and assume the same approach will work in all situations. They look at leadership in a vacuum rather than considering it in relation to a company’s organizational processes and how it can influence financial performance. Traditional leadership models also fail to acknowledge the fact that situations change and leaders need to adapt based on factors like pricing trends, competition and health and safety concerns.

They must be able to make trade-offs that may impact other areas of the business and be able to weigh the pros and cons to minimize negative consequences.

The Flexible Leadership Model (also known as the agile leadership model) illustrates the three key areas leaders must balance and what actions they can take to do so.


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