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The 5 Bridges: Translating Strategy Into Results

Posted by Darleen DeRosa December 7, 2018

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Some teams and organizations are simply more effective at getting things done. They have the ability to translate a strategic direction into tangible business results while other seemingly well-organized and resourceful teams struggle to execute. With the global economy moving faster than ever, there’s no guarantee that being well-positioned today will mean a company is prepared to succeed in the future; this makes it critical that organizations understand the essential factors that differentiate the companies that are most effective at consistently achieving business results.

OnPoint Consulting wanted to understand what separates top performing teams and organizations from their less effective peers, so we looked at 408 companies and compared three years of growth, revenue, and profitability figures to identify top performing companies. We then compared the top performers against the less effective companies to see what set them apart.

Our research identified five characteristics that were absolutely critical for success:

  • An engaging vision of the future

  • A Realistic strategy

  • Engaged and skilled employees

  • High quality products and services

  • Customer focus

But the differences between top performing companies and their less effective peers went deeper than that. Many companies possessing these factors still found themselves struggling to effectively execute their strategy. Further research revealed five factors  that truly set top performing teams and organizations apart.

We dubbed these key differentiators the “5 Bridges” for their ability to help bridge the gap between strategy and business results:

  • A structure that supports execution

  • Leader behavior that is consistent with organizational values and objectives

  • The ability to effectively manage change

  • Decisions coordinated across levels and organizational boundaries

  • Involving the right people in decisions

For a closer look at the 5 Bridges, join OnPoint’s Rick Lepsinger as he discusses how these factors are essential to effective strategy execution.


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