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Want to Make Better Business Decisions? Check Your Bias At the Door

Posted by Rick Lepsinger July 6, 2017


We all have biases that impact our decision making. When we're making a big purchase or evaluating a job offer, those biases may only affect ourselves and those closest to us. However, when we're in a leadership role, the impact of our decisions can be far-reaching. 

In a recent HRDQ-U webinar, I outlined a framework leaders can use to keep their biases in check and make better business decisions. 

If you missed it, I encourage you to watch the recording or check out the webinar slides here

Want more resources to help you or your leaders make better business decisions?
Our Effective Judgment and Decision Making program teaches leaders to use an objective, systematic process for making decisions. Program participants learn to: 
  • Recognize when they are making decisions based on assumptions rather than facts
  • Apply our 5-step framework for making better business decisions
  • Use tools and techniques to evaluate the benefits and risks associated with each choice
  • Involve the right people in decisions to improve decision quality and acceptance

The program can be customized depending on your leaders and their needs. It's available as a full day or half-day course, a 90-minute virtual instructor-led program or a 30-minute e-learning program. To learn more about this program or other valuable leadership development solutions we offer, request a consultation today.



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