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What Are the Secrets of Effective Influencing?

Posted by Darleen DeRosa November 8, 2018

Understanding how to effectively influence others is one of the most important skills a leader can develop. There are many instances in which leaders will need to convince someone to commit to a course of action or change their behavior or perspective. When used effectively, influencing strategies can help build trust and cooperation as well as enhance productivity in the workplace. If done poorly however, attempts to influence others can spark resentment and resistance instead of commitment to common goals.

Learning the secrets of effective influencing is therefore critical to leadership success. After many years of experience working with top performing leaders, OnPoint Consulting has identified five critical principles of effective influencing:

  • Influence from their point of view
  • Develop style flexibility
  • Lay the foundation in advance
  • Translate facts into benefits
  • Use active listening

For a closer look at how leaders can incorporate these principles on the job, join OnPoint’s Rick Lepsinger as he shares the secrets of effective influencing.


 With organizations increasingly adopting flattened organization structures with fewer lines of direct authority, learning to use influencing skills effectively is more important than ever before. Fortunately, leaders can continue to find ways to secure commitment and avoid unnecessary conflict by developing influencing strategies based on trust and strong relationships. InfluencingWithoutAuthorityWebinar

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