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Bayer: Case Study

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Client Issue: Improve global teamwork; lead team members who report to others.

  • In response to a competitive environment that was more demanding, global and ambiguous than in the past, Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ Global Biostatistics group needed to improve global teamwork and strengthen project management skills for team leaders. For example, the introduction of new processes, cross-organizational projects, and virtual teams posed challenges and required new skills.
  • In addition, the increased need for coordination, planning, communication, and documentation across the specialized functions within Biostatistics required that statistical analysts who were individual contributors become team leaders of people who did not report to them and who were geographically dispersed.


Our Response: Deliver customized programs – ‘Making the Matrix Work’ and ‘Leading from a Distance’.

  • We began by interviewing a cross-section of statistical analysts who had recently take on, or would soon be assigned, the Global Biostatistics Project Team (GBPT) Lead role in order to better understand the challenges they faced and the skills and knowledge required for success in the role. We also interviewed key stakeholders who were familiar with the challenges and the new skills required for success.
  • Based on the interviews, we customized two of our standard programs – Making the Matrix Work and Leading From a Distance – into a two-day program specifically targeted to the needs of Bayer’s Biostatistics GBPT Leaders.


Results: Increased confidence, communication, coordination; skills rated at 4.8 out of 5.0.

  • Participants rated the value of the program and the question “I learned approaches, skills, or techniques that will help me be a more effective GBPT leader” a 4.8 on a scale of 5.
  • Participants also reported that the program increased their confidence, had a positive effect on their ability to improve communication between sites, and improved coordination between projects.

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