Closing the Execution Gap

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Closing the Execution Gap: How Great Leaders and Their Companies Get Results

By Richard Lepsinger

If an organization can´t execute its plans and initiatives, nothing else matters: not the most solid, well thought-out strategy, not the most innovative business model, not even technological breakthroughs that could transform an industry.

Buy the Closing the Gap BookSo what really differentiates the companies that are able to get things done and deliver consistent results?

Based on extensive research and years of practical experience, Closing the Execution Gap outlines five prerequisites for effective execution and five “Bridges” that differentiate companies that do it best. It also describes six “Bridge Builders” that leaders at all levels can use to close the execution gap and help people get things done. Specifically, it addresses:

  • What really gets in the way of getting things done – for individuals, teams, and entire companies
  • What leaders can do to enhance their organization´s ability to close the execution gap and achieve solid business results
  • What it takes to execute plans and initiatives consistently at a day-to-day operational level

As the business world becomes more competitive and less forgiving, execution matters more than ever. This is a book for the times we live in – and one that for many companies could mean the difference between success and failure.

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