Competency Models

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The Art and Science of Competency Models: Pinpointing Critical Success Factors in Organizations

By Anntoinette D. Lucia and Richard Lepsinger

Many of us ask, “What does it take to do a job well?” and stop there. But there’s more to it than that. Leaders must explore questions like: What skills and knowledge are necessary for effectiveness in a certain job? Does the employee have the appropriate skills and knowledge, or is some kind of training necessary? Are these job expectations aligned with the culture and strategy of the organization as a whole?

Buy the Competency Model BookThese questions are essential to performance improvement efforts. And competency modeling is designed to help you find answers to questions such as these. As this book explains, competency models are a means of ensuring that your investment in your employees will yield the expected results. You’ll use this cutting-edge guide to:

  • Clarify job and work expectations.
  • Hire the best available people.
  • Maximize productivity.
  • Enhance a 360° feedback process.
  • Align behavior with organizational strategies and values.
  • Adapt to change.

Ultimately, The Art and Science of Competency Models is a practical guide to hiring, developing, and training the people who will lead your organization to future success.

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