The Cross-Functional Leadership Toolkit Includes:

  • Better Together: Building More Effective Cross-Functional Teams (ebook) Learn the four prerequisites to effective cross-functional teaming.
  • Water for People (case study) Learn how an organization overcame the challenges of communicating and working across national borders.
  • Influencing in a Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done (ebook) Learn practical tips that can sharpen your ability to gain the support and commitment of others .
  • Work Better Across Boundaries: Programs to Maximize the Performance of Cross-Functional Teams (guide) Learn how to overcome conflicting priorities and a lack of clear authority to improve team performance.
  • Best Practices to Enhance Collaboration Across Boundaries (webinar) Learn how cross-functional teams have evolved and discover how your organization can benefit from them.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging cross-functional teams to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing business environment.

When these teams are properly managed, they enhance productivity and break down barriers between departments.