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Better Together: Building More Effective Cross-Functional Teams

The process of setting up a successful cross-functional team requires careful coordination and planning. Download this free eBook to learn the four prerequisites to effective cross-functional teaming.

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Business Case For Virtual Leadership Training

The Business Case For Training Virtual Leaders

Many virtual teams fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of strong leadership. This guide offers virtual leadership training strategies from global companies.

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How To Grow Leaders In Minutes a Day: Training Smarter, Not Harder

This guide addresses the six most common challenges companies face when developing leaders and offers concrete steps they can take to maximize the impact of training.

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Talking Points: Sell Your Boss On Leadership Development

Talking Points: Sell Your Boss On Leadership Development

Are you struggling to get your boss on board with a leadership development initiative? Arm yourself with these talking points to build your case and get buy-in from your boss!

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Managing Change Checklist

Managing Change: 5 Critical Questions Leaders Need to Answer

How can leaders implement lasting change? One of their most important responsibilities is to clearly communicate with employees and respond to their concerns throughout the process.

In this short checklist, you’ll discover five critical questions you need to answer as a leader to build your team’s confidence before, during and after the transition.

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Managing Change: 3 Secrets of Successful Leaders

Why is it so difficult to implement lasting change? Our own research shows the biggest bottleneck usually isn’t employees, but a lack of strong leadership at all levels of the organization.In this eBook, we’ll discuss three secrets successful change agents use and how you can put them into action at your organization.

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Download the Developing Future Leaders eBook

Developing Future Leaders: Preparing Millennials for 21st Century Challenges

In the next five years, Millennials will make up nearly half the global workforce, and many of them will be in leadership roles, whether they are ready to lead or not. Yet their development needs are often different from those of other generations. Learn how to engage this critical demographic and equip them with the skills they need to succeed.

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Learn how to Align Your Company on Customer Values

Aligning Your Company on Customer Values

In this eBook, Aligning Your Company On Customer Values, you’ll learn what some of the most successful business owners have to say about breaking down organizational barriers.

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Download Influencing in a Team

Influencing In A Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done

This eBook offers practical tips to help you sharpen your skills as an influencer.

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Download 5 Trends Impacting Virtual Teams

5 Trends Impacting Virtual Teams

Virtual teams aren’t new, but they’re becoming much more prevalent today, revolutionizing the way companies do business. Does your virtual team have what it takes to stay competitive five years from now? You’ll find answers to these questions and more in this eBook.

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Download 5 Companies that Excelled at Executing Strategy in 2014

5 Companies that Excelled at Executing Strategy in 2014

The most successful companies all have one thing in common: They know how to get things done. We know effective execution isn’t quite that simple, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Find out how top companies have simplified execution with the right people and processes in this guide.

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Download the Why Differences Between Male and Female Leaders Matter Whitepaper

Why Differences Between Male and Female Leaders Matter

Do men and women lead differently? How does gender impact the ability to influence others? We collected data on the influencing skills of 116 men and 107 women and revealed some surprising findings.

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Download the Setting Up Virtual Teams for Success Whitepaper

Setting Up Virtual Teams for Success

Darleen DeRosa, Managing Partner of OnPoint, sat down with the Senior Training/OD Consultant at Autodesk to discuss how they proactively address the challenges of virtual work. 

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Learn How EDMC Cultivated Future Leaders

Client Success Story: EDMC Cultivating Future Leaders

Discover how EDMC accelerates the development of their high potential managers using a custom executive development program.

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