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Learn More About Virtual Team Success

Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading From a Distance

As the “virtual revolution” continues to spread, how can companies ensure that virtual team collaboration is producing the desired results?

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Learn More About Closing the Execution Gap

Closing the Execution Gap: How Great Leaders and Their Companies Get Results

If an organization can´t execute its plans and initiatives, nothing else matters: not the most solid, well thought-out strategy, not the most innovative business model, not even technological breakthroughs that could transform an industry.

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Learn More About Flexible Leadership

Flexible Leadership: Creating Value by Balancing Multiple Challenges and Choices

If you are a manager or a training and development professional, you need concrete suggestions for guiding your organization through rapidly changing conditions and difficult challenges.

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Learn More About the Competency Models Book

The Art and Science of Competency Models: Pinpointing Critical Success Factors in Organizations

Many of us ask, “What does it take to do a job well?” and stop there. But there’s more to it than that. 

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Read the  Art and Science to 360 Degree Feedback Book

The Art and Science of 360° Feedback, 2nd Edition

You can use 360° feedback to achieve your most critical goals and enhance employee performance. This exceptional book shows you what makes for a successful 360° feedback program and how it can benefit your company. 

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Download 6 Steps to High Impact V meetings

6 Steps to High Impact Virtual Meetings

Poor meeting management can undermine virtual team performance. But with just 6 steps virtual leaders can get the most out of each and every meeting. Download our article to learn how.

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Download Five Bridges

Five “Bridges” to Getting Things Done

What differentiates the results-getters from the can’t-get- it-done’ers? It’s not strategy or vision or quality or any of the other usual suspects. Download this article and discover the five, research-based “bridges” that set companies up for success.

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Download Onpoint Consulting Virtual Team Study

Virtual Team Study

The virtual leadership challenge is a relatively new one, many companies haven’t adopted best practices or properly trained their leaders and teams. Managers are expected to figure it out for themselves. Learn more from this Onpoint Consulting study.

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