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Our Training and Development Solutions

Your company is only as strong as its leadership talent and strategy. How well are your current leaders implementing strategic initiatives and managing change? Are you identifying high-potential employees and providing them with the development opportunities they need to become your next generation of leaders? Are your virtual teams and remote workers productive and accountable?

When you invest in employee training and development, you’re investing in your company’s future success. You can’t put a price tag on that, but you still have to justify the cost.

OnPoint offers practical, cost-effective solutions for all of your leadership assessment and development needs, as well as solutions to help ensure your strategic initiatives do not fall short.

Our comprehensive solutions are based upon proven leadership models and years of our own research. They’re designed to prepare your team to work more effectively in a virtual environment. They’ll help your leaders manage accountability among employees and collaborate across functions.

Most importantly, each of our programs can be customized to fit your organization.

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Identifying and Developing Leaders

Stay ahead of succession management by using a robust assessment process to identify high-potential employees. Once you’ve selected your next leaders, we offer customized programs and learning experiences to accelerate their development.

Virtual Team Building

The 21st century workforce is increasingly located across the country, even around the world. We offer actionable training that empowers your team and virtual leaders to manage and collaborate more effectively from a distance.  

Cross-Functional Team Building 

Your team needs to be retrained to work within today’s modern matrix structure, where the organizational hierarchy isn’t always clearly defined and teams with different priorities must work together. Our assessment tools measure your leadership team’s effectiveness in this environment, while our training programs help address key issues.  

Strategy Execution

It shouldn’t take a crisis or imminent deadline to get your organization to pull together. OnPoint will help you discover the hidden gaps that are making it more difficult than it needs to be to achieve your objectives. Then we’ll work with your leaders to help them understand what they can do to close or eliminate those gaps that are standing in the way of executing your strategy more efficiently.