As the “virtual revolution” continues to spread, how can companies ensure that virtual team collaboration is producing the desired results?

Highly practical and easy to navigate, Virtual Team Success leverages the authors’ robust global research study and experience to provide an immediately usable resource for virtual team members and team leaders. This groundbreaking book offers a hands-on, practical toolkit and is filled with down-to-earth
examples that can enhance the virtual team experience for everyone involved, including:

  • Buy the Virtual Team Success BookWhy Virtual Teams Fail – outlines the four pitfalls that frequently derail virtual teams
  • Profile of High-Performing Teams – addresses the characteristics of the most effective virtual teams and what makes them successful
  • Virtual Team Launch Kit – provides practical guidelines and tools for successfully launching
    virtual teams
  • How to RAMP Up Your Team’s Effectiveness – introduces a practical, research-based model of virtual team effectiveness to improve the performance of your virtual teams
  • Profile of Top-Performing Virtual Team Leaders – identifies the practices of the most successful virtual team leaders
  • Facilitating High-Impact Virtual Meetings – outlines tips and techniques to lead “v-meetings” effectively

Virtual Team Success also includes practical resources for virtual team leaders, quick reference guides for diagnosing virtual team problems, and six lessons for virtual team success.

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