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Influencing Without Authority

Because the core processes of a business—ones that are responsible for creating end-products or services—cut across functions, the best and most efficient way to meet the customer’s needs is to improve the way in which people in these related functional areas work together. This collaboration enables the organization to accomplish goals ...

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Best Practices to Enhance Collaboration

Best Practices to Enhance Collaboration Across Boundaries

Learn how cross-functional teams have evolved, understand the benefits of cross-functional teamwork and discover how your organization can overcome the challenges often associated with matrix teams.

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6 Things Leaders Are Doing to Get Employees Engaged

Inspiring employees and maintaining their enthusiasm can be a challenge. If you're one of the many leaders, decision-makers, HR professionals or small business owners struggling to maintain engagement among employees, you don't want to miss this webinar.

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Flexible Leadership: How Forward Looking Leaders Adapt and Create Value.

During this webinar we'll take an in-depth look at The Flexible Leadership Model. Leaders and managers can use it as a “mental map” to diagnose their situation and guide their short- and long-term choices.

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How AutoDesk Tailored Training for a Global Workforce

How AutoDesk Tailored Training for a Global Workforce

This webinar explores how multinational software corporation Autodesk made training more affordable, accessible and engaging for its more than 9,000 employees across the world.

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Secret's to a Company's Virtual Success Concept

Building A Blueprint For Virtual Team Success: Lessons Learned From Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Senior Learning and Development Manager Toni Freeland and OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen DeRosa share some of the company’s secrets for virtual team success.

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recognize and measure accountability webinar

Managing Accountability Expecting and Getting Top Performance

Discover how to recognize and measure accountability and how to use two effective tools to manage accountability in others.

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Competency Model Pyramid

Using Competency Modeling To Enhance Leadership Development

Every leadership development process should start with establishing competency models—the building blocks for success. If you’re not sure how to develop competency models or use them to enhance your training and development process, we invite you to watch this valuable webinar.

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Building Trust in a Virtual Setting

No Trust, No Team: Building Trust in a Virtual Setting

In this webinar hosted by MeetingOne Marketing, Rick Lepsinger discusses the building blocks for establishing trust in a virtual team and shares strategies you can apply immediately to your team.

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Shortcuts for Making Better Business Decisions

Grow Your Bottom Line One Decision at a Time: Shortcuts for Making Better Business Decisions

In this webinar we’ll help you recognize and overcome common biases that cloud decision making. We’ll also discuss how to involve the right people and use a systematic process to think fast without compromising decision quality.

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Webinar Leading From a Distance

Leading from a Distance

It takes a special breed of leaders to help employees thrive in a virtual environment.

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How to Create A Happier, More Loyal Workforce

Hiring for Cultural Fit: How to Create A Happier, More Loyal Workforce

In this webinar, OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen DeRosa will guide hiring managers through the art of assessing employees for cultural fit—that intangible factor that often determines whether they’ll stay for the long haul or move on after six months.

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HRDQ Uncertanty

Reducing Uncertainty During Change

Join expert Rick Lepsinger in this one-hour learning experience as he explains what you can do as a leader to ensure the fear of uncertainty doesn’t get in the way of effectively executing change at your organization.

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Extreme Makeover Webinar

Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your Company’s Culture

In this webinar, OnPoint Consulting President, Rick Lepsinger covers the importance of company culture, what factors contribute to a strong culture and how to lead cultural transformation.

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Watch the Leaders Dont Grow on Trees webinar from OnPoint Consulting.

Leaders Don’t Grow On Trees. 5 Secrets of Leadership Development in the Real World

OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen Derosa discusses simple, practical steps you can take now to cultivate your company’s future leaders.

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 Cultivating Future Leaders: How AmeriGas Built a Talent Pipeline

Cultivating Future Leaders: How AmeriGas Built a Talent Pipeline

See how AmeriGas applied best practices in succession to develop future Area Directors and learn how your company can do the same.

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Managing Accountability: Expecting and Getting Top Performance

Managing Accountability: Expecting and Getting Top Performance

Your organization’s ability to manage accountability is key to its success. Among top-performing organizations, 77 percent of leaders reported employees of all levels are held accountable for results, according to an OnPoint Consulting survey. Only 44 percent of leaders said this was true at less successful organizations. Learn how to recognize and measure accountability, manage accountability more effectively and evaluate how well your team or organization is performing in this area.

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Identifying Future Leader 5 Traits that Maximize ROI

Identifying and Developing Future Leaders: 5 Tips for Maximizing ROI

Companies with top-tier leadership teams outperform other organizations by 19 percent. Yet only 15 percent of companies surveyed by Harvard Business Review said they had enough successors in the pipeline for key leadership positions. In this webinar, you'll learn how to use objective criteria to assess the best potential leaders within your organization and prepare them for critical roles. 

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Influencing Leaders Webinar

Influencing In a Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done

In this webinar you will learn how you can enhance your ability to achieve results in a multi-functional team setting by effectively using influence to gain the commitment of your colleagues, direct reports and even your boss.

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Watch Breaking Down Boundaries Webinar

Breaking Down Boundaries: Achieving Results by Improving Collaboration

Leaders need to understand how to effectively influence others who may not report to them. In this 30-minute webinar, OnPoint President Rick Lepsinger, will share his insights with company leaders.

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Watch Managing Uncertainty Durring Change

Managing Uncertainty During Change 

Change brings about uncertainty in roles, processes and outcomes, but the best leaders are able to work through that and reassure their team. 

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Watch the Coaching and Managing Accountability Remotely Webinar

Coaching and Managing Accountability Remotely

In this webinar OnPoint Consulting's President, Rick Lepsinger, talks about coaching and managing accountability remotely.

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Watch the Avoiding Communication Drip Webinar

Avoiding the Commitment Dip

If you’re introducing new initiatives or any significant changes to your business in the coming year, you need the support of your entire organization. This is often where change comes to a halt. It’s not that your leaders and employees don’t want to change; most often, they’re just not ready to make changes that last. In this 30-minute webinar OnPoint President Rick Lepsinger will offer practical tips for managing change.

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Leading from a Distance: Practical Tips for Successful Virtual Leadership

Join virtual team expert Rick Lepsinger for Leading from a Distance: Practical Tips for Successful Virtual Leadership, an hour-long webinar that will reveal the secret to leading in the modern workplace. 

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