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Managing a virtual team or telecommuters isn’t the same as managing workers under one roof.  

Holding virtual employees accountable, building trusting relationships and managing conflict virtually can be more difficult when your workforce is spread across the country or the globe

Work Smarter VirtuallyBecause the virtual leadership challenge is a relatively new one, many companies haven’t adopted best practices or properly trained their leaders and teams. Managers are expected to figure it out for themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t working—49 percent of company stakeholders reported their virtual team leaders were not performing at a high level in our Virtual Team Study.

When virtual teams fail, your company is less productive, which ultimately hurts your bottom line.  

That’s why we offer virtual leadership assessments and interactive training programs for leaders. These programs are based on proven management models and our extensive research about what differentiates top performing virtual leaders.  


Each topic is available as a 90-minute instructor led online program or as a 30-45 minute self-directed eLearning program.  In addition, a series of Leading From a Distance topics can be combined based on your needs and delivered face-to-face in a half or full day session. Sessions can also be tailored to fit your company’s objectives, challenges and typical scenarios.

Who Can Benefit: Telecommuters, members of geographically distributed teams, team leaders, department managers or project managers managing a team where all or some members work remotely.  

Topics Include:


Virtual Leadership Assessments  

Identifying the skills gaps is not enough. You also need to equip your virtual leaders and teams with the knowledge and practical experience they need.  

How can you be sure your virtual leaders and teams have the skills and knowledge to be effective from a distance? We offer assessments to help both virtual leaders and their teams understand how they work together and identify areas of improvement.

  • Leading From a Distance Simulation is an experiential online business exercise where leaders engage in a series of virtual leadership challenges. At the end of the simulation, leaders are provided with a feedback report and development guide based on OnPoint’s RAMP model (Relationships, Accountability, Motivation, Purpose and Process) of high performing virtual leadership.
  • Leading From a Distance 360 is based on the RAMP model and provides virtual leaders with targeted feedback to identify their individual strengths and development needs.
  • High-Performing Virtual Team Assessment analyzes how effectively your virtual team is functioning and what you can do to improve performance.

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