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How to Sell Your Boss On Leadership Development

Although most organizations understand the importance and value of leadership development, persuading executives to dedicate precious resources to it can be difficult because the return on investment is not clearly established. A Gap International survey of executives found that while 85% believed it was important to maximize a company’s talent ... Read More

The Importance of Emotional Agility in the Workplace

There seems to be a prevailing wisdom that negative emotions should not be expressed in the workplace. This holds especially true for leaders, who are expected to project some combination of confidence, positivity, or enthusiasm at all times. If these attitudes don’t come easily or naturally, the leader should at least present a stoic demeanor ... Read More

5 Keys to Successful Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Cross-functional teams have become a common feature of today’s increasingly diversified organizations. When put together well, these teams have the ability to deliver increased efficiency, faster decision-making, and better resource allocation. As with all types of matrix teams, however, cross-functional teams present a specific set of challenges ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of 360 Degree Feedback

Many organizations have incorporated 360 degree feedback into their leadership development process, and for good reason. The data gathered from multi-source feedback can be extremely valuable both for organizations and the employees, providing honest and measurable observations that can be used to enhance employee development, as well as ... Read More

The 5 Competencies of Agile Leadership

Many volumes of work have been written about the practices and strategies that differentiate great leaders from mediocre ones. While there are sometimes insights to be gained, most usually miss the point by focusing on notable personalities or generalized “types” of leaders rather the specific competencies that make certain approaches to ... Read More

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Conflict Resolution: How to Have Tough Conversations

Today’s organizations strive to enhance competitiveness by encouraging collaboration between individuals, departments, and teams. Although this can promote innovation and maximize productivity, the need to consider so many perspectives creates the potential for more disagreement and conflict. In order to be successful, managers in every ... Read More

How to Be an Effective Interim Leader

Sooner or later, every successful organization will go through a change in leadership. While succession planning is frequently identified as important, it’s rarely made an urgent priority. Considering that about 10% to 15% of corporations are forced to appoint a new CEO each year for one reason or another, this lack of attention can cause ... Read More

How to Be An Inspirational Leader

Inspirational leadership involves aligning values with initiatives to create enthusiasm and a passion to act. Leaders who are able to do this successfully “light a fire” within others, resulting in higher performance and more sustained effort. Inspired teams are more likely to meet goals and demonstrate high levels of engagement with their work. ... Read More

Topics: leadership skills, influencing, influencing styles, influencing skills

3 Leadership Development Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018

Organizations today are working hard to develop a core group of leaders needed to carry them into the future. With goals and expectations shifting rapidly in the dynamic global economy, it’s more important than ever for leadership development training to match the demands of the moment while still anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. Although ... Read More

5 Secrets to Successful Remote Management

With 43% of employees spending at least some of their time working remotely, knowing how to effectively manage virtual teams is more important than ever. The dynamics of the virtual workplace are quite different from those in a traditional office, yet many organizations fail to take these unique circumstances into account. It’s no wonder, then, ... Read More

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