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5 Secrets to Influencing Without Authority

The rigid, hierarchical management structure of the classic organization is becoming less common in today’s fast-moving organizations. Increasingly, companies are flattening their management structures to increase versatility and leveraging their existing resources through cross-functional teams that draw upon multiple departments. While these ... Read More

Topics: influencing, influencing skills

How to Drive Business Results in Your Team Through Leadership

Today’s organizations understand the value of effective leadership. The numbers speak for themselves, as companies with top-tier leadership outperform the competition in terms of business performance metrics like profitability, innovation, and retention rates. No one questions that good leadership is critical to driving superior business results. ... Read More

Topics: driving business

Resolving the Challenge of Making Virtual Teams Work

Today’s technology has made it possible for companies to connect employees from all over the world to tackle some of their most critical business challenges. With over 40 percent of employees today spending at least some time working remotely and about 30 percent doing so 80-100 percent of the time, organizations need to make sure they are ... Read More

Topics: Virtual Teams, managing virtual teams, virtual leadership

Why are Some Companies and Leaders More Adaptable to Change?

Change is difficult, even for some of the most successful companies in the world. With massive technological developments disrupting long-established industries, the average company isn’t lasting as long as they did in the past. A 2017 study by Credit Suisse found that the average age of a company listed on the S&P 500 is less than 20 years, down ... Read More

Topics: adaptable leadership, adapting, change management

Do You Have The Right Strategies for Managing Change in Your Business?

There may have been a time when organizations found security in stability and didn’t have to worry about reinventing themselves to stay competitive in the marketplace. In today’s increasingly global economy, however, companies who resist change often find themselves struggling to keep up with their competition. Technological innovations and ... Read More

Topics: managing change, change strategies

4 Cross-Functional Teams Best Practices You Need to Implement

As organizations take on challenges that require increasingly innovative and agile solutions, the value of cross-functional teams is becoming more evident than ever. Bringing together the resources and skills from employees across different departments and functions, these teams are capable of delivering better and faster results if they are ... Read More

Topics: teams, cross functional teams, best practices

5 Tips to Successfully Launching a Virtual Team

Virtual teams are becoming an increasingly common feature of today’s organizations. From international corporations with skilled employees spread across multiple countries to smaller businesses with largely remote workforces, companies of all kinds are using virtual teams to develop innovative solutions that deliver measurable business results. ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually, Virtual Teams, Virtual Team Building

How to Create an Agile Culture in Your Workplace

The workplace has undergone significant changes in recent years. With today’s economy moving faster than ever before, companies have been forced to adapt in order to respond quickly and effectively. Although technology has the ability to boost productivity and efficiency, few of those benefits can be realized without engaged employees to drive ... Read More

Topics: agile leadership

Does Your Leadership Team Need a Communication Reboot?

Communication is a foundational leadership skill that impacts a leader’s ability to effectively apply additional skills such as coaching, conflict management, and delegation. Good development programs put a great deal of emphasis on helping leaders improve these competencies, enabling them to inspire and motivate their teams to make meaningful ... Read More

Topics: leadership skills, agile leadership, Leadership Development

Employee Retention and How to Conquer It

The most successful companies ultimately rely on good talent to drive business success. Without engaged and productive employees, companies will struggle to achieve their goals and meet the challenges of the future. Research has shown that only a little more than 60 percent of employees are highly or moderately engaged. Lower levels of engagement ... Read More

Topics: incentive programs, employee engagement

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