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3 Practical Tips for Working With a Virtual Team Leader

Virtual teams are becoming more common with each passing year. In 2017, a little over 50 percent of professionals reported working remotely at least half of the week. From teams leveraging global resources to organizations using remote work as an option for employees seeking a better work-life balance, more and more people are having to learn to ... Read More

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4 Tips for Planning Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are a necessity for geographically dispersed teams that need to collaborate on projects, solve problems, and exchange vital information. One of the benefits of virtual meetings is that they allow team members to contribute ideas and work toward solutions as a group. Inefficient meetings, however, present roadblocks to ... Read More

Topics: Virtual Teams

How to Become a Transformational Leader

With today’s organizations facing increasingly complex and urgent challenges, the principles of agile leadership are more important than ever. Leaders who possess the capabilities to connect, adapt, and deliver are uniquely equipped to promote peak performance while encouraging innovation and change for enduring success. Identifying high-potential ... Read More

Topics: transformational leaders

3 Ways Technology Has Affected Today's Leaders

The 21st century has proven to be an era of immense technological change. No longer is technology something that only the engineering and computer industries need to incorporate into their ongoing strategies. Every company needs to consider how to better prepare their current and future leaders to meet the challenges presented by technological ... Read More

Topics: transformational leaders

5 Ways to Promote More Agile Leaders in Pharma

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have undergone a great deal of change over the last decade. With companies looking to increase their market share and competing on an international stage, they’ve engaged in an unprecedented wave of mergers and acquisitions, resulting in many creative smaller companies being incorporated into larger, more ... Read More

Topics: pharma, agile leadership

How to Make Your Teams More Agile

For decades, most organizations structured their projects and teams around a concept known today as the “waterfall” approach. This methodology provided a linear, sequential model for completing design-oriented tasks, with progress moving from one clear step to another until the project was completed. The model originated in engineering, where ... Read More

Topics: agile leadership, agile teams

The Impact of Millennials in the Insurance Industry

As the largest generation in today’s workforce, millennials have had a major impact on organizations across all industries. Within the next decade, they will make up about half of all leadership positions, making it more important than ever for companies to begin thinking about how to strengthen their succession pipelines by developing and ... Read More

Topics: insurance industry, Millennials

Why the Pharma Industry Needs Agile Leaders

The pharmaceutical industry represents a huge portion of the global economy. Estimates placed its value at $934 billion in 2017 and experts expect that total to grow at nearly six percent annually over the next few years. In addition, it’s also facing significant issues that require pharma company leaders to adapt quickly to deliver results. It’s ... Read More

Topics: agile leadership, managing change

Successful Cross-Functional Teams to Watch in 2019

What makes a cross-functional team successful? It may sound cliché, but the best multi-functional teams have the ability to put their differences aside and unite toward a common goal. This is easier said than done, particularly when a team consists of people from different departments, generations, or geographic regions. Research has found that ... Read More

Topics: cross functional teams

4 Tips for an Effective Onboarding Process

An effective onboarding process can have a tremendous impact on a company’s success. Companies with solid employee onboarding programs and retention strategies tend to be much more profitable than those that approach onboarding and retention without much of a plan. Since about 20 percent of turnover occurs within the first 45 days, having an ... Read More

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