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The Real Consequences of Poor Leadership Development

Leadership development isn’t just something that’s nice to have—it’s essential to the success of a company. Effective, well-trained leaders motivate employees to do their best work and hold them accountable when they don’t. They unite their teams under a common vision and manage change effectively to ensure the company is able to adapt to the ... Read More

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5 Reasons the Insurance Industry Needs Cross-Functional Teams

In the past, many companies had hierarchical structures with top-down decision making and limited collaboration between functions. While this type of structure worked effectively in the past, today’s dynamic environment requires companies to make decisions and react to changing circumstances faster than ever. As organizational structures flatten ... Read More

Topics: insurance industry

Agile Leadership in Life Sciences Research and Development

The life sciences industry is largely driven by the demands of the research and development cycle. Biotech and pharma companies seeking to promote new products and services must first go through the arduous R&D process before they can bring them to market. Traditionally, this long run-up to market viability has taken many years and required ... Read More

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Why Onboarding Virtual Team Members is So Important

Building a successful virtual team can be a major challenge for an organization. Not only must the team have the right infrastructure and tools in place to collaborate effectively from a distance, they also need the right team members who are capable of building productive relationships and holding one another accountable. While there are many ... Read More

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How to Build Strong Critical Thinking Skills

Given the many challenges facing organizations today, leaders must find effective strategies for making good decisions. Simply collecting information randomly or making a “gut instinct” choice isn’t likely to produce consistent outcomes. The need to gather data and evaluate options quickly is essential to success, especially under the stressful ... Read More

Topics: critical thinking

How VUCA is Reshaping the Pharma Industry Today

The days of stable, predictable economic growth have long since given way to a much more tumultuous business environment defined by disruption. Many organizations use the term VUCA as a convenient shorthand for describing the unprecedented challenges confronting them today. First introduced by the U.S. Army War College in 1987, the acronym VUCA ... Read More

Topics: pharma

The Challenges of Virtual Teams in the Insurance Industry

Organizations across multiple industries are turning to virtual teams to meet their changing business needs, and insurance companies are no different. Although the insurance industry faces some unique labor challenges given its aging workforce, the flexibility afforded by virtual teams will make it possible for companies to offer better services ... Read More

Topics: insurance industry

How to Provide High-Impact Feedback

Providing high-quality feedback is crucial to any employee development process. Without a clear assessment and feedback process, employees can be left adrift, without clear information on how they can improve. A good assessment process identifies areas of strength and development needs, helping to inform employee development plans.  Providing ... Read More

Topics: Leadership Assessment

What the Best Leaders Know About Influencing Others

Influence is a critical tool leaders have to create alignment and build commitment across diverse constituents. OnPoint Consulting's research has found that there are eleven influence techniques and the most effective leaders leverage four core influencing strategies to gain secure buy-in for their proposals: Reason: Use logical arguments and ... Read More

Topics: Work Better Across Boundaries

How to Build More Resilient Teams

Setbacks and failures are inevitable. Even the most successful teams must learn how to cope with frustration and disappointment at one point or another. While it’s important for leaders and team members to be resilient in the face of adversity, simply counting on people to “keep calm and carry on” overlooks the importance of team culture in ... Read More

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