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How to Design Effective Leadership Competencies

Successful leadership can mean the difference between success and failure for any organization, whether it’s a start-up or an established multinational corporation. Rather than blindly clinging to the outdated myth of the “born leader,” most of today’s organizations put a great deal of time, effort, and money into designing leadership competency ... Read More

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5 Tips for Managing Telecommuters and Maximizing Virtual Team Performance

Working remotely, or telecommuting, has rapidly become a common feature of today’s interconnected workplace. According to Gallup data, the percentage of Americans who spend at least some of the time working remotely has been rising steadily over recent years. For organizations and leaders looking to get the most out of the increasingly virtual ... Read More

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Agile Leadership: A Comprehensive Guide

Today’s ideal leadership candidates are not necessarily employees with the most experience or expertise. One of the key differentiators among top leaders is leadership agility, or the ability to balance competing demands. Agile leaders foster connections with team members and customers, enable teams to achieve peak performance, and encourage both ... Read More

6 Virtual Team Statistics You Should Know

Today’s organizations are rapidly shifting toward the use of virtual teams to deal with their biggest challenges. Thanks to a variety of communications technologies and tools, companies can expand their talent search to a global scale, which allows them to build diverse and specialized teams with the flexibility to be successful in an ... Read More

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Developing Leaders for a VUCA World

Information travels quickly in today’s highly-connected global economy. In addition to providing companies with unparalleled flexibility, this interconnected environment also has the potential to create tremendous disruption and uncertainty. The ability to analyze situations quickly and respond appropriately has become the new business ... Read More

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How To Ensure Your Leadership Assessment Process Works

Evaluating the performance and identifying development needs for the senior leaders in an organization can be a challenge. In the case of senior executives, corporate board evaluations are often ineffective because they fail to identify key performance indicators or even what the executive’s core responsibilities are. Without a clear assessment ... Read More

Topics: Leadership Assessment, succession planning

How to Retain Your High-Potential Employees

Identifying and developing high-potential employees is an important part of an organization’s talent strategy. These employees represent the future leaders and innovators companies need to thrive in a disruptive and competitive business environment. Unfortunately, the characteristics of high-potential employees also make them difficult to retain. ... Read More

Topics: succession planning, high potential candidates

Understanding the Value of an Executive Succession Plan

Selecting the right person for an executive leadership role is one of the most difficult tasks an organization faces. If the candidate is not a good fit for any number of reasons, such as lacking key skills or not aligning with the company’s culture, their tenure is likely to be short and beset by turmoil. Even worse, their sudden departure can ... Read More

Topics: succession planning

5 Strategies For Building Leadership Resilience

Sometimes things go wrong. Even the best strategies can be derailed with unexpected circumstances. In other cases, a single mistake at the critical juncture of a project could derail months of hard work. Developing leadership resilience is essential for overcoming these challenges. By assessing what went wrong and developing a plan for moving ... Read More

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How Leadership Agility Can Drive Results For Your Business

Today’s organizations need agile leadership more than ever. In a high-speed business environment beset by change and disruption, leaders are being called upon to make difficult decisions almost every day. Between the rapid development of technology and the speed at which information can be distributed, managing a successful team is more ... Read More

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