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4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Change Management

A change initiative can test the competence and endurance of even the best companies. One of the key differentiators that set successful companies apart is their ability to effectively manage change and position themselves to capitalize on future opportunities. OnPoint Consulting’s research into the ways top-performing companies reveals some of ... Read More

Topics: Enhance Execution

The 5 Bridges: Translating Strategy Into Results

Some teams and organizations are simply more effective at getting things done. They have the ability to translate a strategic direction into tangible business results while other seemingly well-organized and resourceful teams struggle to execute. With the global economy moving faster than ever, there’s no guarantee that being well-positioned today ... Read More

Topics: driving business, strategy execution

How to Make Unbiased Decisions

Most decision makers tend to think of themselves as well-informed and objective in their approach. They may be surprised to learn, then, that smart people aren’t immune to making bad decisions. In fact, their confidence in their intellect and experience may even leave them more vulnerable to the effects of one of the leading contributors to bad ... Read More

Topics: unbiased decisions, decision making

10 Creative Ideas for Hosting the Best Virtual Holiday Party

With so many organizations shifting to virtual teams, there’s no shortage of advice on how to best organize and manage these teams to maximize engagement and productivity. However, the trend toward virtual does pose an interesting problem for a longstanding workplace tradition: The holiday office party. How do you throw a holiday office party when ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually, Virtual Team Building, Virtual Teams

How to Create the Best Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-functional teams are an essential part of the ongoing effort to develop innovative and agile solutions to the problems facing modern businesses. By leveraging the diverse range of skills and resources scattered across multiple departments, organizations can build these teams to address specific issues that affect their operations. The ... Read More

Topics: cross functional team, collaboration, teamwork

Top Characteristics of the Most Effective Virtual Teams

Advances in communications technology have made the virtual workplace a reality, allowing organizations to bring together talent from around the world in an effort to gain a competitive edge. Over 50 percent of professionals around the world spend at least half the week working remotely, with an increasing number of them never setting foot inside ... Read More

Topics: impactful leader, virtual leadership, benefits of virtual teams

How to Prepare Your High-Potential Employees for Promotion

Organizations invest substantial time and resources into identifying high-potential employees who are well-suited for leadership positions. But finding these candidates through leadership assessment is only the first step in a longer succession planning process. By taking steps to help these employees build the necessary skills and expertise they ... Read More

Topics: promotion, mentor

The Top Talent Trends in the Pharma Industry

Well-established companies in the pharmaceuticals industry are under significant pressure in today’s increasingly global marketplace. While these companies have tremendous resources at their disposal, they are now being forced to compete with a new generation of smaller, more agile biotech startups that have the freedom to react quickly due to ... Read More

Topics: pharma, leadership trends

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Consulting Firm for Succession Planning

Succession planning is a crucial component of sustained organizational success. Some measure of turnover is inevitable for any company, and the financial costs of not filling those vacancies quickly can be significant. A 2013 Mercer study even estimated that these situations could cost up to 50% more in lost revenue than the salary of the unfilled ... Read More

Topics: succession planning process, succession planning steps, succession management

How to Use Mentoring in Succession Planning

When it comes to grooming future leaders, organizations already have a tremendous resource in the form of their existing leaders. By encouraging these leaders to become mentors, they can not only pass along their experience and institutional knowledge, but also help to create a sense of continuity for employees throughout the organization. A ... Read More

Topics: mentor, succession planning, succession management

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