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How To Use Leadership Assessment To Grow Your Talent Pipeline

It is no secret that highly effective leaders are crucial for long-term success in any industry. Effective leaders build strong teams, inspire others to achieve goals, and engage team members to ensure continuous commitment to the organization and ...

Setting Leadership Development Goals for the New Year

As the new year gets underway, many organizations are reassessing their leadership development goals. Of course, they’re not the only ones thinking about building better leaders. High-potential employees are busy putting a great deal of thought into ...

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Why Learning Agility Matters to Leadership Success

Having the right leaders in place is absolutely critical to business success. Without strong leadership throughout an organization, even the most talented employees will struggle to be effective. When assessing leadership potential, companies ...

Succession Planning Strategies for the New Year

With a new year on the horizon, it’s natural to start thinking about potential resolutions for 2020. Unfortunately, more than three-quarters of those resolutions won’t make it past February. While there may not be much harm in not reading as much as ...

6 Signs Your Virtual Team Has Trust Issues

Trust is the fuel that powers your team. Without it, the engine stalls and every initiative feels like an uphill battle. Unfortunately, there’s no gauge that can measure your team’s trust level or tell you when you’re running on empty.

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In terms of this (high potential employees) program, the value is around getting some of our emerging leaders not only skilled up but really engaging the organization and feeling like they want to stay, but it's also making sure that they have visibility outside of their own specific area. This type of training gives them the foundation that they would need to take their skills up a notch.

Justine Staub

Director, Workforce Development at AmeriGas

I just thought they ‘got it’ more than the other company we were considering. In the conversations, it was just more ease of understanding our expectations. The other company would come back multiple times with a proposal that continued to not meet our needs. We were thinking about that and saying, ‘OnPoint clearly gets us a lot more than this other company.’ It just made more sense for us to go with them.

Cynthia Wynne

Learning Consultant at Merck

It’s so funny that I think some people think of their vendors as a vendor; something under them that they manage, and I just don’t feel that way with Rick and Darleen. I really feel it is a true partnership. They absolutely want to understand the culture at GSK. They are concerned about that with the program development and the program implementation tweaks that we do. They get right in there and when we send things back and forth it’s never critical or anything like that. I just really feel they’re just true partners in the sense that they want to speak to understand, learn and apply it into the program and make it a really good program for GSK.

Ginny Hobson

Global Learning Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

Guardian recently implemented workplace policy changes to support a “hybrid” approach in which employees are able to balance working in the office, at home, and at alternative Guardian locations. A critical part of the implementation was to ensure that managers would be set up for success in this new, virtual environment. We partnered with OnPoint to design and deliver a customized program to provide managers with some of the critical skills needed to lead from a distance. The program was very practical and we received excellent feedback from participants.

Electra Jacobs

Manager, Organization Effectiveness & Learning, Human Resources at Guardian Life Insurance Company

They are thought leaders who are exceptional at research and leadership development and combine the two disciplines in a way that enriches both. They partnered with us and delivered what they promised.

Jay Strunk

Director, Organizational and Leadership Development at Southco, Inc.

OnPoint’s Execution Gap Survey identified our strengths as well as the factors that inhibited our ability to get things done and their implementation process helped build consensus among the key stakeholders. As a result, work teams were formed to improve cross-organizational coordination and cooperation and we quickly saw key improvements.

Joost Systma

VP, Development and Engineering at ASML

10 Ways to Become a More Resilient Leader

Sooner or later, even the best leaders will have to cope with setbacks and failures. What sets successful leaders apart is their ability to demonstrate resilience in the face of these challenges and help their teams bounce back from adversity. ...

How to Be an Effective Virtual Project Manager

The traditional office might be on its way toward extinction. According to a 2018 IWG study that surveyed over 18,000 professionals from 96 countries, more than two-thirds of the global workforce works remotely at least part of the week. A similar ...

What is the Business Case for Selection Assessments?

Hiring the wrong candidate can set an organization back significantly in terms of time and money. Given the high stakes of the selection process, many companies have taken to using pre-employment assessments to provide more data on candidates in the ...

5 Tips For Overcoming Resistance To Change

There’s no question that change is hard for any organization. Unfortunately, many change initiatives fail to achieve their goals. Overcoming resistance to change is usually high on the list of many leader’s concerns, which is understandable given ...

Employee Retention Strategies to Implement Right Now

Few problems pose more of a threat to an organization’s long-term viability than high turnover. When a company can’t retain its best talent, it must constantly engage in hiring external talent, which can be extremely costly. . Without employee ...

Top 6 Workplace Culture Trends of 2019

The culture of the workplace is continually evolving. While larger, more established organizations may be slower to make changes, they are increasingly responding to changing employee needs in an effort to promote better engagement and retention. As ...

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