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How to Cultivate Millennials as Leaders in Pharma

  As the Baby Boomer generation transitions into retirement, organizations in multiple industries are turning to millennials to fill the leadership gap. Some companies have approached this transition with trepidation, dwelling on the fact that 91 percent of millennials don’t expect to remain at a job for as long as three years. They worry that the ... Read More

Topics: Millennials, pharma

The Top 4 Leadership Skills Necessary in Pharma

The pharma industry is expected to grow at nearly six percent annually over the next few years, making it one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Change is rapidly becoming the norm, not the exception. More than ever, the industry needs agile leaders who can navigate disruptions in the status quo and implement the key changes needed to ... Read More

Topics: pharma, flexible leadership, agile leadership

The Profile of Success: Building High Performing Virtual Teams

Although many companies have made significant investments in virtual teams and the technology to support them, a surprising number of these teams do not reach their full potential. In an effort to understand what sets successful teams apart from those that fail to deliver, OnPoint Consulting conducted a survey of 48 virtual teams and over 300 ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually

Recruitment and Talent Strategies in the Insurance Industry

  With roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, companies are struggling to deal with their mass exodus from the workforce. Some industries are being hit by this change harder than others, and the insurance industry falls into this category, with the average age of agents standing at 59 years old. In fact, nearly 400,000 ... Read More

Topics: insurance industry, leadership, Leadership Assessment

How to Support Cross Functional Team Success in Pharma

  The pharmaceutical industry has long operated with a “silo mentality,” in which multiple departments work independently of one another and communicate infrequently. This organizational structure may have made sense in the past, but today’s competitive environment demands a level of speed and efficiency it simply can’t accommodate. Now, pharma ... Read More

Topics: cross functional teams, pharma

3 Practical Tips for Working With a Virtual Team Leader

Virtual teams are becoming more common with each passing year. In 2017, a little over 50 percent of professionals reported working remotely at least half of the week. From teams leveraging global resources to organizations using remote work as an option for employees seeking a better work-life balance, more and more people are having to learn to ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually

4 Tips for Planning Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are a necessity for geographically dispersed teams that need to collaborate on projects, solve problems, and exchange vital information. One of the benefits of virtual meetings is that they allow team members to contribute ideas and work toward solutions as a group. Inefficient meetings, however, present roadblocks to ... Read More

Topics: Virtual Teams

How to Become a Transformational Leader

With today’s organizations facing increasingly complex and urgent challenges, the principles of agile leadership are more important than ever. Leaders who possess the capabilities to connect, adapt, and deliver are uniquely equipped to promote peak performance while encouraging innovation and change for enduring success. Identifying high-potential ... Read More

Topics: transformational leaders

3 Ways Technology Has Affected Today's Leaders

The 21st century has proven to be an era of immense technological change. No longer is technology something that only the engineering and computer industries need to incorporate into their ongoing strategies. Every company needs to consider how to better prepare their current and future leaders to meet the challenges presented by technological ... Read More

Topics: transformational leaders

5 Ways to Promote More Agile Leaders in Pharma

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have undergone a great deal of change over the last decade. With companies looking to increase their market share and competing on an international stage, they’ve engaged in an unprecedented wave of mergers and acquisitions, resulting in many creative smaller companies being incorporated into larger, more ... Read More

Topics: pharma, agile leadership

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