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How to Work Successfully in Remote Teams

The traditional office may not be a thing of the past quite yet, but many organizations are using remote teams to leverage a wider pool of talent. These virtual teams make it possible to bring together people with specific skill sets regardless of where they’re located. New technology platforms are also making remote work easier than ever before ... Read More

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Are Your Leaders Agile?

Today’s companies operate in a volatile environment characterized by unexpected challenges and rapidly shifting demands. From pharmaceutical and biotech firms overhauling their R&D process to shorten product time to market to insurance companies navigating a record number of mergers and acquisitions, organizations across a variety of industries ... Read More

Topics: agile leadership

Why Cross Functional Teams Fail and How to Ensure Yours Does Not

There are several benefits to having cross-functional teams within an organization, the most notable of which include increased efficiency, faster decision-making, and greater opportunities to share resources. However, these teams also face a number of challenges regardless of whether they share a co-located space or use a virtual environment to ... Read More

Topics: Cross-Functional Team Building

Why Personal Resilience Can Make You a Better Leader

Nobody is perfect. Sooner or later, even the best leaders experience a setback. Whether they made a mistake or proved unable to handle an unexpected challenge, all leaders must learn to develop personal resilience to overcome disappointments and failures. More importantly, they must learn from these situations to become more effective. By building ... Read More

Topics: Indentify and develop leaders, resilience

Why the Insurance Industry Needs to Improve the Candidate Screening Process

Few fields are facing a greater talent crisis than the insurance industry. Even though insurance companies continue to thrive, setting records with a series of recent mergers and acquisitions, the future of the industry’s workforce remains murky at best. According to McKinsey research, the average age of an insurance agent is 59 years old. The ... Read More

Topics: insurance industry

Setting Expectations for Cross-Functional Teams in the Pharma Industry

As companies continue to flatten their organizational structures in order to share information more easily and respond to volatility in the marketplace, cross-functional teams are playing a major role in breaking down barriers between previously siloed departments. The pharma industry stands to benefit immensely from these teams. Establishing ... Read More

Topics: Cross-Functional Team Building, pharma, cross functional team

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: 5 Tips for Working with a Virtual Boss

In today’s global economy, working remotely on a virtual team or as a telecommuter have become the primary way many people connect to the workplace. According to Gallup research, the percentage of time employees spent working remotely at least 80 percent of the time rose from 24 percent in 2012 to 31 percent in 2016. A 2018 study from IWG found ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually, virtual workplace

8 Signs an Employee is About to Quit (and What You Can Do About It)

Employee retention is absolutely vital for companies hoping to build sustainable success. In the short term, the cost of losing an employee is significant, costing anywhere between 100 to 300 percent of their salary. In the long run, high turnover can weaken succession pipelines, resulting in fewer capable, high-potential leaders who can step into ... Read More

Topics: employee retention

How to Build Agile Leaders

The demands of the global economy have placed incredible pressure on organizations across a variety of industries. To meet the challenges of the 21st century effectively, companies need to invest in talent development strategies to build agile leaders who have the flexibility and adaptability to manage diverse teams and balance a growing number of ... Read More

Topics: agile leadership, agile teams

How to Retain Talent in the Insurance Industry

Despite the insurance industry’s recent record-breaking wave of mergers and acquisitions, virtually every company is facing a potential demographic crisis. The average age of an insurance agent is 59 years old and over 400,000 employees are expected to retire within the next decade. Unfortunately, there’s no cohort of young people waiting in the ... Read More

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