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7 Creative Virtual Team-Building Activities

Finding ways to build trust and cultivate positive work relationships is one of the most challenging aspects of managing virtual teams. Although there’s no shortage of technology that allows geographically distributed team members to interact and collaborate, the barriers of distance and time differences often make it hard to create a sense of ... Read More

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Maximizing the Benefits of Cross-Functional Teams

Although many organizations still operate in terms of distinctly siloed functions, the trend toward flattened, more distributed structures is accelerating. Cross-functional teams play an important role in facilitating that transition, serving as an intermediary between the hierarchical decision-making practices of the past and the more dynamic ... Read More

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5 Ways Agile Leaders Navigate a VUCA World

Originally coined by the US Army to describe the increasingly unpredictable dynamics of the post-Cold War world, the acronym VUCA has been embraced by the business world to describe the global economy of the 21st century. Each letter stands for a unique type of variable that could have a major impact on business interests around the world. V for ... Read More

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How to Restore Trust in a Team

Building trust in the workplace is important for any kind of team. If team members don’t trust one another, effective collaboration is almost impossible and the team will struggle to promote accountability and communication. There are a number of ways that even highly effective teams can experience a breakdown in trust, making it vital for leaders ... Read More

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How Competency Models Can Build the Leaders Your Company Needs

Leaders can make or break an organization. Despite the enduring myth of the “born” leader, effective leadership is usually the result of a carefully crafted development process. In order to achieve sustained business success, companies must find ways to identify and promote vital skills and behaviors in their leaders that will bring about ... Read More

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8 Team Building Tips for Leaders That Actually Work

Great teams are the building blocks of any organization. A great team has shared goals, clear roles, effective strategies for solving problems and making decisions, and the ability to deal with conflicts constructively. A good team may have some of these elements; a great team will have them all. In most organizations, it falls to team leaders to ... Read More

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Leadership Assessment: Do Men And Women Influence Differently?

  Do men and women lead differently in the workplace? Based on much of the research, the short answer is “yes.” Although the gender leadership differences often align with the stereotype that women lead with a more interpersonal style and men with a more task-oriented style, it appears that gender does play a role in leadership style and ... Read More

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People Are Not the Problem: Eight Tips for Managing Change Successfully

Despite the amount of time and money that’s been invested in educating organizations and training leaders in the tools and skills to manage change, results have been uneven at best.  OnPoint Consulting’s Execution Gap Survey of 935 leaders found that although successful change management is a key predictor of an organization’s ability to engage ... Read More

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5 Tips for Healthy Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

With so many organizations encouraging dynamic collaboration, some degree of conflict is inevitable. In some cases, disagreements arise over what goals should be pursued or who is accountable for specific work; in other situations, they are the result of a struggle over a lack of resources (or a perceived lack of them). Regardless of the cause, ... Read More

Topics: influencing others, managing virtual teams, conflict resolution

How to Build Trust Within a Cross-Functional Team

Trust is the foundation of any team. Building strong relationships based on trust is especially vital for successful collaboration. Team members must have confidence that other members will hold themselves accountable for their own work and take responsibility for how their actions (or inactions) can impact the team’s overall success. This is ... Read More

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