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The 3 Most Common Leadership Training Mistakes

It’s well-known that effective leadership is crucial for success at all levels of an organization. In fact, past data from the CEB Corporate Leadership Council shows that companies with top-tier leadership teams outperform others by nearly 19%. Weak or below-average leadership, on the other hand, can cause significant harm to an organization over ... Read More

How to Build Agile Leaders

Leadership agility, or how well a leader can balance all of the challenges they face to achieve their objectives, has consistently remained one of the key leadership differentiators among the companies OnPoint has worked with. Agile leadership helps companies navigate the challenges of creating effective processes, helping people achieve peak ... Read More

Choosing the Right E-Learning Programs for Your Virtual Teams

Every day, businesses have to contend with an increasingly globalized economy. To expand their reach, many organizations have developed an increased reliance on remote employees working on virtual teams. Using virtual teams allows companies to leverage the skills and abilities of team members regardless of their location. However, many ... Read More

The 6 Things You Need To Make Leadership Development Effective

The modern workplace is vastly different from what it once was. Today, organizations of all sizes and industries face increasingly globalized markets, remotely-located employees/teams, and the need for cross-disciplinary teams. To meet the demands of customers, it is imperative to have agile leaders who can balance people, processes, and ... Read More

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4 Executive Hiring Rules It’s OK To Break

In any pursuit, there are always some rules that, whether written or unwritten, become obsolete and may even be counter-productive. Hiring people for an executive position is no exception. While these “rules” may have been considered good advice at one time, things have changed. Nowadays, companies have more access to information about executive ... Read More

Topics: Identify And Develop Leaders

Identifying and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today

Strong leaders have an enormous impact on the success of an organization. In fact, according to data from CEB Global, teams with enterprise leaders are 68% more innovative, 35% more engaged, 21% more adaptable, and have 20% better customer satisfaction than teams with weaker leadership. Other research shows that companies with top-tier leadership ... Read More

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Budgeting for Learning and Development? 5 Tips

Learning and development can play a significant role in the success of an organization by helping prepare high-potential employees for future leadership roles. It also smooths out the succession management process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing long-term performance. In fact, studies show that companies with top-tier leadership teams ... Read More

Influencing Without Authority: How One Non-Profit Got it Right

Water For People (WFP) is an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to help community members, governments, and business owners feel healthy, safe, and empowered. While a major focus of these efforts is building up water and sanitation infrastructure for the billions of people across the world who don’t have access to safe water, this ... Read More

Succession Planning: The 2 Most Important Elements For Success

Having a pipeline of high-potential employees who can step up to different leadership positions in your company will have a significant impact on the long-term success of your business. For example, as noted in research by CEB/Gartner, “only 1 in 7 high performers have the critical motivation and behaviors to be considered a true HIPO ... Read More

How Hyundai Capital Enhanced Cross Functional Collaboration 

Hyundai Capital Services (HCS), the financial unit for the Hyundai Motor Group, provides loan servicing to the motor company’s many customers around the globe—with each region having its own distinctive “global entity” and headquarters to serve it. However, HCS was faced with several major challenges as a result of being part of a globe-spanning ... Read More

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