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Can Working Remotely Work for Your Organization?

Modern technology has made it easier than ever before for teams to collaborate over great distances. Using tools like Google Docs, two team members can edit a proposal or report draft together in real time—despite being separated by hundreds of miles. The practice of working remotely is one that many businesses have seized upon, only to later ... Read More

Topics: Virtual Team Building

The Real Consequences of Poor Leadership Development

Leadership development isn’t just something that’s nice to have—it’s essential to the success of your company. Strong, well-trained leaders motivate employees to do their best work and hold them accountable when they don’t. They unite the team under a common vision and manage change effectively to ensure your company is able to adapt to the ... Read More

Topics: Identify And Develop Leaders, Leadership Development

Managing Conflict In Virtual Teams: 5 Key Tips

Managing a virtual team is both rewarding and challenging. Flexibility, decreased overhead costs and freedom to work from any place in the world are certainly attractive advantages, but the lack of face-to-face interaction can make critical managerial responsibilities like conflict resolution uniquely taxing. In a virtual setting, words can be ... Read More

Topics: Work Smarter Virtually, Virtual Team Building

The 3 Things You Need In Order To Make Leadership Development Effective

Modern workplaces are very different from the offices of yesteryear. Organizations are being faced with increasingly globalized markets and also are being challenged to have multiple business units and functions effectively coordinate across organizational boundaries. This modern work setting requires leaders who have a diverse set of skills to ... Read More

Topics: Identify And Develop Leaders

Measuring the ROI of Leadership Development: 5 Tips

Most companies understand the benefits of leadership training and development programs. In fact, in a recent survey of more than 500 executives, 27 percent of those who said their company was “currently winning in the market” attributed that success to great leadership, while another 25 percent credited powerful and distinct capabilities. ... Read More

Topics: Identify And Develop Leaders, Leadership Development

Preparing for Change: 2018 Organizational Development Trends

To stay ahead of the curve, Leadership and Organizational Development managers need to stay on top of the major trends that could affect their priorities—anticipating any changes and their impact so they can help the organization respond and ensure leaders are set up for success. Some of the organizational development trends that HR experts should ... Read More

Topics: organizational development

The 4 Influencing Skills That Your Leaders Need To Have

The modern-day workplace often requires that leaders gain consensus across organizational boundaries, acquiring support from those who have no reporting relationship to them. In this environment, leaders cannot rely on established authority to get the job done. They need their peers to do more than just comply with a request; they need them to ... Read More

Topics: Work Better Across Boundaries, Cross-Functional Team Building

5 Steps to Boost Learner Engagement Among Your Organization's Employees

A common objection to HR-led employee training programs is that they “don’t produce the desired results.” Following a large round of training programs, many organizations notice that very little changes about overall employee performance. There are many reasons why certain programs might not produce positive outcomes following the conclusion of an ... Read More

Topics: Indentify and develop leaders, E-learning, Learner engagement

Why Cross Functional Teams Fail and How to Ensure Yours Does Not

There are several benefits to having cross-functional teams within an organization. This includes increased efficiency, faster decision-making, and more opportunities to share resources. However, there are also numerous challenges facing cross-functional teams—whether they share a co-located space or use a virtual environment to collaborate. These ... Read More

Topics: Cross-Functional Team Building

The Number ONE Thing Millennials Want Most At Work

Millennials are expected to make up about 50 percent of all leadership positions in the next five years. Not only that, Millennials who are satisfied with their professional development opportunities are twice as likely to stay with a company then those who are unsatisfied. Investing in this generation and grooming Millennials for management ... Read More

Topics: Identify And Develop Leaders, Leadership Development

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