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Ebook Bouncing Back: The Importance of Leadership Resilience

Learn why resilience is vital for business success and how to build a culture of resilience within your organization.

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Toolkit Agile Leadership Toolkit

Find out what sets agile leaders apart in the materials included with OnPoint Consulting’s “Agile Leadership Toolkit.”

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Infographic Are Your Leaders Agile? Infographic

Find out how agile leaders use critical competencies to balance competing demands with the "Are Your Leaders Agile?" Infographic.

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Webinar Critical Thinking Skills: A Process for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, you need people with the critical thinking skills and this webinar will take your problem solving to the next level.

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Case Study Wolverine Worldwide Case Study

Client Issue: Company lacked a structured program to help their virtual team leaders develop the skills needed to succeed in their new-virtual roles.

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Program Guide Work Better Across Boundaries: Programs to Maximize the Performance of Cross Functional Teams

As more companies work in teams comprised of multiple departments and functions, a lack of clear authority and conflicting priorities can create ambiguity, which means many of...

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