Leadership Assessment

OnPoint Consulting’s customizable leadership assessment solutions help your organization identify and develop your next generation of leaders. Based on years of research, our solutions provide comprehensive, data-driven outcomes to guide your critical talent decisions.


Why Use Assessment?

Leadership assessment should be a central component of any organization’s talent strategy. There are a number of areas where assessment is particularly important for building and sustaining business success.

Succession Management

Building succession pipelines ensures that vacancies are filled with minimal disruption. Flawed assessment criteria can waste up to 85% of development resources on the wrong people.

Merger and Acquisition Integration

During an integration, candidates must be evaluated for new leadership teams and other key positions. Effective assessment improves selection decisions and buy-in for change initiatives.

Hiring and Promotion

Replacing an employee can cost between 100-300% of their salary. Better assessment strategies result in strong candidates with the potential to succeed and fit in your culture.

Private Equity

When acquiring a portfolio company, you need the right leaders in place to realize your vision and goals. Assessment can help determine who those leaders are.

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What Do We Assess?

Our assessment process is based on extensive research to identify the skills and characteristics that differentiate the most effective leaders. Developed in collaboration with RSR Partners, our Agile Leader Framework assesses three core leadership competencies.



A leader’s ability to:
  • Inspire and influence
  • Foster a collaborative


A leader’s ability to:
  • Reimagine strategic direction
  • Propel transformation and innovation


A leader’s ability to:
  • Generate consistent and reliable results
  • Build high-performing teams

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How Do We Assess?

We begin with a proven foundation of multi-faceted assessment methods informed by years of research. Since every organization’s needs are different, we can tailor our model to emphasize the skills and competencies critical to your business or develop a custom success profile based on your unique requirements.

We use a variety of tools to conduct assessments:

Leadership Questionnaires

We administer questionnaires to identify key leadership characteristics, preferences, and motives as well as potential “derailers.”

360º Degree Feedback

We conduct 360º surveys/interviews from direct reports, peers, managers, and other stakeholders to gain a comprehensive picture of behavior and performance.


We conduct in-depth candidate interviews to assess experiences and competencies. These results are compared with other assessment data to evaluate self-awareness.

Exercises and Other Activities

We utilize a variety of roleplaying activities, in-basket exercises, case studies, presentation, group activities, and situational judgment tests to round out the candidate’s assessment profile.

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