About OnPoint Consulting LLC


Organizational & Leadership Development

OnPoint is a top organizational and leadership development consulting firm. We specialize in solving your most significant business challenges. Whether you’re looking to identify and develop leaders, improve performance of your virtual teams and cross-functional teams or better execute strategy, we offer practical, research-based consulting solutions.  

When it comes to training and development, you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. However, you don’t need something that’s overly theoretical or expensive. Our assessments and workforce development programs are customized for your business. They’re cost-effective and can be implemented quickly both online and in person. Most importantly, they produce measurable results that directly impact your bottom line.  

Who We Help

We partner with a diverse group of people, from human resources managers, talent management professionals and training managers to senior executives. We’ve helped companies across a variety of industries to achieve their objectives, whether they needed to identify high-potential employees for succession planning or uncover the gaps that are keeping them from effectively implementing strategy.  

Here's a look at some of the companies that we have worked with and delivered results.

What We Do

At OnPoint Consulting, we take the time to understand how your company operates, then develop customized solutions that resolve your challenges in four main areas:

Identifying and Developing Leaders

Selecting high-potential employees and accelerating their development to prepare them for leadership positions.

Virtual Team Building

Empowering your team and virtual leaders to manage and collaborate more effectively from a distance.

Cross-Functional Team Building

Measuring your leadership team’s ability to work well within a matrix structure and providing training to improve effectiveness.

Strategy Execution

Translating your strategy into meaningful action with results you can measure.

We provide ongoing consulting and guidance throughout each program to ensure you see results and maximize ROI.