Ensuring High-Quality Executive Selection Decisions

Every day, companies around the world struggle with decisions about how to fill critical executive roles.

Many applicants for an executive position have a strong resume and can ace the interview—which makes it challenging to differentiate between candidates and uncover potential concerns.

In addition, assessing a candidate for cultural fit may also be a concern when you are considering external candidates. Even if the external candidate has all the right skills, if their personality or style clash with the rest of the organization, it can hinder their success and cause other problems.

So, how can you ensure that you make high-quality selection decisions for critical executive roles? The key to making better hiring decisions is to use a multifaceted assessment process that provides objective, data-driven information on each candidate to identify agile leaders with the critical capabilities to connect, adapt, and deliver with impact.

Leadership assessments augment interviews and résumés, giving you a more complete picture of each executive candidate’s suitability for a role prior to making your decision. OnPoint Consulting helps organizations assess candidates to inform selection decisions and ensure an effective onboarding process.

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