Leading & Collaborating From a Distance

Virtual teams are revolutionizing the way companies do business, however leading these teams and managing telecommuters presents unique challenges. OnPoint Consulting can help you implement best practices for enhancing virtual team performance and facilitating better collaboration.


Our Virtual Team Expertise

OnPoint Consulting is well-established as a leading voice in the research surrounding today’s geographically distributed teams and telecommuting workforce. Our founding partners, Darleen Derosa, PhD, and Rick Lepsinger, have published the results of their global research study on remote work in Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading From a Distance. The book serves as an immediately usable resource for both virtual leaders and team members.

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Improving Virtual Team Effectiveness

Grounded in extensive research on successful virtual team practices, our Leading & Collaborating From a Distance programs are designed to help your virtual leaders hold team members accountable, build trust and strong relationships, and manage conflict from a distance.

Our programs are available face-to-face or remotely through an online virtual classroom. We work with your company to provide development solutions that are practical and tailored to meet your specific business objectives. Our virtual team solutions are also available in self-directed e-learning formats.

Learn more about our virtual team training programs:

No Trust, No Team: Building Trust Virtually

Learn how to overcome the virtual barriers to building and sustaining trust.

Conducting Effective Virtual Meetings

Address common challenges to improve the outcomes of virtual meetings.

High-Impact Communication Skills: Creating a “High-Touch” Environment

Build the tools and techniques to become an effective virtual communicator.

Influencing Remotely

Overcome the virtual divide and adapt influencing strategies to a remote environment.

Managing Conflict From a Distance

Learn how to apply the right conflict-management style in a virtual environment.

Managing Accountability and Coaching in a Virtual Environment

Use the right tools to increase accountability and coach effectively from a distance.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action and Motivate Others From a Distance

Learn how to create community to engage and motivate telecommuters in a virtual environment.

Enhancing Your Effectiveness as a Virtual Leader

Evaluate and assess the behaviors that differentiate the most successful virtual leaders.

Building Great Virtual Teams: A Blueprint for Success

Ensure that your virtual teams have the skills and knowledge to sustain collaboration.

See the OnPoint Difference

Find out how our Leading and Collaborating From a Distance solutions can transform your virtual teams and overcome the boundaries imposed by working in a remote environment.

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