Your Leaders Are One of Your Biggest Competitive Advantages

It’s extremely important to ensure that your leaders are prepared to succeed in their critical roles. They must be flexible, agile, and able to manage high-performing teams to maximize your business outcomes.

We believe in leadership development that is practical and tailored to meet specific business objectives. Our research has identified the three most critical capabilities all impactful leaders possess. These agile leaders have the ability to connect, adapt, and deliver, making them critical to any organization’s success.

With our experience and expertise, your leaders will develop the skills they need to produce results—increased productivity, higher levels of engagement, and greater employee retention.

Our highly-skilled team builds customized programs based on your desired outcome, whether it’s training regional directors to be more successful at managing their area or preparing managers to lead virtual teams.

OnPoint offers a number of leadership development programs for leaders at all levels. These programs are available face-to-face, live in the online virtual classroom, or through self-directed e-learning programs. Our virtual classroom and self-directed learning options give your company the flexibility to make training more scalable and allow employees to participate when it’s most convenient for them.


Some of our leadership development topics include:

  • Influencing with Impact
  • Managing Accountability in Others
  • Facilitating Change-Readiness
  • Effective Judgement & Decision Making
  • Building & Sustaining Cooperation
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Flexible Leadership

Additional Resources

Check out the following resources for developing agile leaders.


Webinar Identifying & Developing Future Leaders: 5 Tips for Maximizing ROI

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use objective criteria to assess the best potential leaders within your organization and prepare them for critical roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical program include?

All of our programs are research-based and designed to be highly engaging. A typical program agenda includes case studies, a self-assessment, full and small group discussion, skill practice, and application to real-world challenges.

Can your programs be offered in a “blended” format?

All our programs are offered in three possible formats – face-to-face, virtual instructor-led classrooms, and self-directed e-learning courses – which can be combined in different ways to meet your needs.

What’s the maximum number of people that can attend your program?

The number of participants is determined by the balance a client is seeking between the delivery of content and discussion/skill practice – the more people in a session, the less time there will be for discussion and application of key concepts.  In general, we recommend up to 25 in our face-to-face programs and 35 in our virtual-instructor led programs.

Which levels of management are your programs appropriate for?

We offer skill development programs for first-line leaders, middle managers, and senior executives.  We also offer training for individual contributors and project team leaders.

Do you train internal client resources to deliver your programs?

Yes, we offer trainer training. We can also certify an internal client resource to be a Master Trainer, which allows that person to train other internal resources as needed without OnPoint’s involvement.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your program?

We utilize program evaluations to measure overall satisfaction and content retention immediately after the program and pre-tests and post-tests 9-12 months later to evaluate changes in thinking and behavior. We also measure changes in key performance indicators (KPI) to measure changes in individual or team performance.

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