Developing Agile Leaders

Your leaders are one of your biggest competitive advantages. Do they have the skills and flexibility to maximize your business outcomes? Our customizable development programs help your leaders to become more agile by improving their ability to Connect, Adapt, and Deliver.


The Agile Leadership Difference

Agile leaders possess the unique ability to balance multiple challenges and often contradictory demands, allowing them to coordinate action across levels, respond to constantly changing situations, and build high-performing teams to drive consistent results.

There are three critical characteristics that set agile leaders apart from their peers.

They Connect

Agile leaders have the ability to inspire, influence, foster a collaborative environment, and exhibit behavior that sets the tone for organizational alignment as well as employee and stakeholder buy-in.

They Adapt

Agile leaders recognize shifting dynamics and adjust rapidly to overcome challenges, reimagine strategic direction, and propel transformation and innovation.

They Deliver

Agile leaders drive performance and generate consistent, reliable results by investing in the right accelerators, building talent, and cultivating high-performance teams committed to value creation.

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Building Agile Leaders

OnPoint Consulting’s research-backed approach to leadership development can provide your agile leaders with the tools they need to become more impactful and produce better results. Our solutions are available face-to-face or remotely through an online virtual classroom. We work with your company to provide development solutions that are practical and tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

Our agile leadership solution is organized into three sections, each one focusing on one of the critical characteristics of agile leaders. These programs may be deployed individually or as part of a broader, comprehensive curriculum.

  • Influence with Impact
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Courageous Dialogue: Engaging in High-Impact Conversations
  • No Trust, No Team: Steps to Build Trust 
  • Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Facilitating Change Readiness
  • How to Think Strategically
  • Inspirational Leadership: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
  • Building Personal Resilience
  • The Secret to Effective Critical Thinking
  • How to Become Better at Delegation
  • High-Impact Coaching
  • Enhancing Accountability
  • Building Resilient Teams

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