Cross-Functional Teamwork

Cross-functional teams comprised of members from various functions allow organizations to tackle complex challenges. OnPoint Consulting can provide you with the tools you need to build trust and improve communication in matrix teams.


Improving Cross-Functional Performance

Today’s companies are leveling their organizational hierarchies and increasingly turning to matrix-style cross-functional teams that reward collaborators over “lone wolves.” These teams are distinguished by complex reporting relationships in which members represent various functions rather than working under a single boss.

For these teams to be successful, they must develop specific goals and clarify the roles of team members to enhance decision-making and strategy execution. By building trust and facilitating communication, cross-functional matrix teams can unlock the power of collaboration and become greater than the sum of their parts.

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Help Your Teams Be Better Together

OnPoint Consulting’s research and experience working with cross-functional teams have identified many of the key behaviors and strategies that contribute to success in a matrix environment. The programs included in our Enhancing Cross-Functional Teamwork solution can help your matrix teams fulfill their potential by improving accountability, strengthening trust, and boosting cooperation.

Our programs are available face-to-face or remotely through an online virtual classroom. We work with your company to provide development solutions that are practical and tailored to meet your specific business objectives. Our virtual team solutions are also available in self-directed e-learning formats.

Learn more about our cross-functional training programs:

decision making icon
The Secret to Successful Decision Making

Learn how to involve people in decisions in a complex matrix environment.

influencing icon

Develop the tools and strategies for influencing without authority.

critical thinking icon
Critical Thinking: Enhancing Judgement

Improve decision confidence with critical thinking strategies.

Accountability icon
Enhancing Accountability

Set team members up for success by helping them fulfill commitments.

Cross Functional Team icon
Empowering Your Cross-Functional Team to Excel

Learn the secrets of motivating others and how to delegate roles effectively.

collaboration icon
Building and Sustaining Cooperation and Collaboration

Establish the foundations for successful cross-functional performance.

inspirational icon
Inspirational Leadership: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Drive success by building engagement and enthusiasm.

conversations icon
Courageous Dialogue: Engaging in High-Impact Conversations

Learn how to manage conflict and engage in tough conversations.

Influencing in a Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done

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