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Merck Case Study

Merck Case Study

Client Issue: Reduce cycle time and expense to bring drugs to market

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

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Video: Hiring for Cultural Fit

Hiring for Cultural Fit: How to Create A Happier, More Loyal Workforce

In this webinar, OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen DeRosa will guide hiring managers through the art of assessing employees for cultural fit—that intangible factor that often determines whether they’ll stay for the long haul or move on after six months.


Download the Why Differences Between Male and Female Leaders Matter Whitepaper

Why Differences Between Male and Female Leaders Matter

Do men and women lead differently? How does gender impact the ability to influence others? We collected data on the influencing skills of 116 men and 107 women and revealed some surprising findings.

Virtual Team Success

Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading From a Distance

As the “virtual revolution” continues to spread, how can companies ensure that virtual team collaboration is producing the desired results?

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