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ebook The Business Case for Training Virtual Leaders

Many virtual teams fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of strong leadership. This guide offers virtual leadership training strategies from globa...

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ebook How to Grow Leaders in Minutes a Day: Training Smarter, Not Harder

This guide addresses the six most common challenges companies face when developing leaders and offers concrete steps they can take to maximize the imp...

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ebook Talking Points: Sell Your Boss on Leadership Development

Are you struggling to get your boss on board with a leadership development initiative? Arm yourself with these talking points to build your case and g...

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ebook Managing Change: 5 Critical Questions Leaders Need to Answer

How can leaders implement lasting change? One of their most important responsibilities is to clearly communicate with employees and respond to their c...

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ebook Managing Change: 3 Secrets of Successful Leaders

Why is it so difficult to implement lasting change? Our own research shows the biggest bottleneck usually isn’t employees, but a lack of strong leader...

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ebook Developing Future Leaders: Preparing Millennials for 21st Century Challenges

In the next five years, Millennials will make up nearly half the global workforce, and many of them will be in leadership roles, whether they are read...

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ebook Aligning Your Company on Customer Values

In this ebook, Aligning Your Company On Customer Values, you’ll learn what some of the most successful business owners have to say about breaking down...

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ebook Influencing in a Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done

OnPoint’s research on leaders from hundreds of top companies has shown success on multi-functional teams often comes down to one key attribute: the ab...

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ebook 5 Trends Impacting Virtual Teams

Virtual teams aren’t new, but they’re becoming much more prevalent today, revolutionizing the way companies do business. Does your virtual team have w...

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ebook Why Differences Between Male and Female Leaders Matter

Do men and women lead differently? How does gender impact the ability to influence others? We collected data on the influencing skills of 116 men and ...

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Program Guide Identifying and Developing Future Leaders: Proven Techniques for Maximizing ROI

In this guide, we’ll offer an overview of our approach to identifying and developing future leaders and best practices, based on our research and expe...

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Program Guide Work Better Across Boundaries: Programs to Maximize the Performance of Cross Functional Teams

As more companies work in teams comprised of multiple departments and functions, a lack of clear authority and conflicting priorities can create ambig...

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Program Guide Leading From a Distance Program Guide

Are you looking for ways to be more effective as a virtual leader and help your team become more productive? OnPoint Consulting offers training and as...

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Webinar Best Practices to Enhance Collaboration Across Boundaries

Learn how cross-functional teams have evolved, understand the benefits of cross-functional teamwork and discover how your organization can overcome th...

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Webinar 6 Things Leaders Are Doing to Get Employees Engaged

Inspiring employees and maintaining their enthusiasm can be a challenge. If you're one of the many leaders, decision-makers, HR professionals or small...

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Webinar Flexible Leadership: How Forward Looking Leaders Adapt and Create Value.

During this webinar we'll take an in-depth look at The Flexible Leadership Model. Leaders and managers can use it as a “mental map” to diagnose their ...

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Webinar How AutoDesk Tailored Training for a Global Workforce

This webinar explores how multinational software corporation Autodesk made training more affordable, accessible and engaging for its more than 9,000 e...

Webinar Building A Blueprint For Virtual Team Success: Lessons Learned From Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Senior Learning and Development Manager Toni Freeland and OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen DeRosa share some of the company’s sec...

Webinar Managing Accountability Expecting and Getting Top Performance

Discover how to recognize and measure accountability and how to use two effective tools to manage accountability in others.

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Webinar Using Competency Modeling To Enhance Leadership Development

Every leadership development process should start with establishing competency models—the building blocks for success. If you’re not sure how to devel...

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Webinar No Trust, No Team: Building Trust in a Virtual Setting

In this webinar hosted by MeetingOne Marketing, Rick Lepsinger discusses the building blocks for establishing trust in a virtual team and shares strat...

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Webinar Grow Your Bottom Line One Decision at a Time: Shortcuts for Making Better Business Decisions

In this webinar we’ll help you recognize and overcome common biases that cloud decision making. We’ll also discuss how to involve the right people and...

Webinar Hiring for Cultural Fit: How to Create A Happier, More Loyal Workforce

In this webinar, OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen DeRosa will guide hiring managers through the art of assessing employees for cultural fit...

Webinar Reducing Uncertainty During Change

Join expert Rick Lepsinger in this one-hour learning experience as he explains what you can do as a leader to ensure the fear of uncertainty doesn’t g...

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Webinar Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your Company’s Culture

In this webinar, OnPoint Consulting President, Rick Lepsinger covers the importance of company culture, what factors contribute to a strong culture an...

Webinar Leaders Don’t Grow On Trees. 5 Secrets of Leadership Development in the Real World

OnPoint Consulting Managing Partner Darleen Derosa discusses simple, practical steps you can take now to cultivate your company’s future leaders.

Webinar Cultivating Future Leaders: How AmeriGas Built a Talent Pipeline

See how AmeriGas applied best practices in succession to develop future Area Directors and learn how your company can do the same.

Webinar Identifying and Developing Future Leaders: 5 Tips for Maximizing ROI

Companies with top-tier leadership teams outperform other organizations by 19 percent. Yet only 15 percent of companies surveyed by Harvard Business R...

Webinar Influencing In a Team: How to Get a Roomful of Leaders to Get Things Done

In this webinar you will learn how you can enhance your ability to achieve results in a multi-functional team setting by effectively using influence t...

Webinar Breaking Down Boundaries: Achieving Results by Improving Collaboration

Leaders need to understand how to effectively influence others who may not report to them. In this 30-minute webinar, OnPoint President Rick Lepsinger...

Webinar Managing Uncertainty During Change

Change brings about uncertainty in roles, processes and outcomes, but the best leaders are able to work through that and reassure their team. 

Webinar Coaching and Managing Accountability Remotely

In this webinar OnPoint Consulting's President, Rick Lepsinger, talks about coaching and managing accountability remotely.

Webinar Avoiding the Commitment Dip

If you’re introducing new initiatives or any significant changes to your business in the coming year, you need the support of your entire organization...

Webinar Leading from a Distance: Practical Tips for Successful Virtual Leadership

Join virtual team expert Rick Lepsinger for Leading from a Distance: Practical Tips for Successful Virtual Leadership, an hour-long webinar that will ...

Publication Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading From a Distance

As the “virtual revolution” continues to spread, how can companies ensure that virtual team collaboration is producing the desired results?

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Publication Closing the Execution Gap: How Great Leaders and Their Companies Get Results

If an organization can´t execute its plans and initiatives, nothing else matters: not the most solid, well thought-out strategy, not the most innovati...

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Publication Flexible Leadership: Creating Value by Balancing Multiple Challenges and Choices

If you are a manager or a training and development professional, you need concrete suggestions for guiding your organization through rapidly changing ...

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Publication The Art and Science of Competency Models: Pinpointing Critical Success Factors in Organizations

Many of us ask, “What does it take to do a job well?” and stop there. But there’s more to it than that. 

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Publication The Art and Science of 360° Feedback, 2nd Edition

You can use 360° feedback to achieve your most critical goals and enhance employee performance. This exceptional book shows you what makes for a succe...

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Infographic High-Potential Employees: Your Company's Hidden Gems

Many of the criteria we use to promote employees are poor predictors of leadership potential. This causes us to invest significant time and money into...

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Infographic Facilitating Change Readiness

Discover the 5 stages of change and how leaders can facilitate progress at every step.

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Infographic Don't Be That Guy. The 5 People You Encounter in a Virtual Meeting

We’ve all been on virtual meetings where Murphy’s Law seems to rule: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Here’s a look at the people who annoy...

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Infographic Have a Holly Jolly Virtual Office Party

Holiday parties are a great way to connect with your team and reward them for a job well done. Don’t miss out on the fun just because your team member...

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Case Study Water For People Case Study

Client Issue: Organization with operations spanning several continents faced challenges communicating and working as a team across borders

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Case Study Wolverine Worldwide Case Study

Client Issue: Company lacked a structured program to help their virtual team leaders develop the skills needed to succeed in their new-virtual roles.

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Case Study AmeriGas Case Study

Client Issue: Many employees who were promoted to middle manager positions were unprepared for the role and were not set up for success

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Case Study GlaxoSmithKline Case Study

Client Issue: Lacked a formal process for engaging aspiring second line leaders who could one day grow to fill those positions

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Case Study Daiichi-Sanyko, Inc. Case Study

Client Issue: Need to assess potential and accelerate the leadership capability high potential talent pool

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Case Study Merck Case Study

Client Issue: Reduce cycle time and expense to bring drugs to market

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Case Study ASML Case Study

Client Issue: Meet deadlines with the potential to save millions of dollars

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Case Study Autodesk Case Study

Client Issue: Enable globalized work force to lead in virtual settings

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Case Study Bayer Case Study

Client Issue: Improve global teamwork; lead team members who report to others

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Toolkit Cross-Functional Leadership Toolkit

Properly managed cross-functional teams are helping organizations enhance productivity and meet today's business challenges. Check out these 5 tools t...

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Program Guide Developing Agile High-Performing Leaders Guide

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations need flexible leadership to compete effectively. Find out how to develop agile leaders...

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Infographic 5 Key Principles of Influencing Without Authority

Today’s flattened organizations present major challenges for anyone accustomed to more hierarchical structures. Without clear lines of authority, it c...

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ebook Unleash the Power of Your High-Potential Employees

Organizations invest substantial time and resources into identifying high-potential employees who are well-suited for leadership positions. But findin...

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Toolkit Leadership Assessment Toolkit

Identifying and developing high-potential leaders is one of the most important tasks your organization faces.

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ebook Better Together: Building More Successful Cross-Functional Teams

The process of setting up a successful cross-functional team requires careful coordination and planning. Download this free ebook to learn the four pr...

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Webinar What Makes Great Transformational Leadership

This webinar will provide you with the tools and tactics to help you become a transformational leader and to cultivate transformational leaders within...

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Toolkit Influencing With Impact Toolkit

The most effective leaders understand how to use the right influencing strategy at the right time. The Influencing With Impact Toolkit has all the res...

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Webinar Critical Thinking Skills: A Process for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, you need people with the critical thinking skills and this webinar will take your problem solvi...

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ebook The Agile Leadership Difference

OnPoint Consulting’s latest ebook, The Agile Leadership Difference, explores the characteristics of agile leadership in detail and shows how agile lea...

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Toolkit Working Effectively from a Distance Toolkit

With virtual teams, organizations can leverage the global talent pool to assemble the right skills for any project. OnPoint Consulting’s “Working Effe...

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Infographic Are Your Leaders Agile? Infographic

Find out how agile leaders use critical competencies to balance competing demands with the "Are Your Leaders Agile?" Infographic.

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Toolkit Agile Leadership Toolkit

Find out what sets agile leaders apart in the materials included with OnPoint Consulting’s “Agile Leadership Toolkit.”

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ebook Bouncing Back: The Importance of Leadership Resilience

Learn why resilience is vital for business success and how to build a culture of resilience within your organization.

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ebook No Excuses, No Blame: Promoting Greater Accountability in Teams

Find out how promoting greater accountability in your teams can enhance collaboration and productivity.

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Agile Leadership: Creating Value by Balancing Multiple Challenges and Choices

Is Agile Leadership more than a fad? Find out in our new podcast.

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Building and Leading High-Performing Remote Teams Featuring Darleen DeRosa

Get the latest tips for building building successful virtual teams from OnPoint's Darleen DeRosa.

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ebook The Secrets of Successful Virtual Teams: Working Remotely in the 21st Century

Learn what sets high-performing virtual teams apart from less-effective teams and find out how you can implement best practices to make your remote te...

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Toolkit Case Study Collection

Our Case Study Collection highlights the ways OnPoint Consulting’s assessment, development, and team-building expertise has helped our clients to solv...

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