Influence with impact what differentiates top leaders

Influence and impact are two powerful forces that can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to be a better leader, improve your relationships, or simply have more fun in life, having a positive influence and impact can go a long way in helping you get there.

In this article, we outline the most basic tips to help you stay on top of your game.

Communication is Key

Good communication skills are essential in building trust and rapport with others. Make sure to listen actively, speak concisely and clearly, and pay attention to nonverbal cues such as tone and body language.

Oh, and one more thing – use humor! People love a good laugh, and a little humor can go a long way in making a connection with others.

Confidence is Contagious

Confidence is a quality that people are naturally drawn to. Being confident in yourself and your abilities can inspire others to follow your lead.

This is what it ultimately leads to:

  • Performance. Confidence helps you approach tasks with a positive attitude, leading to better results and increased productivity;
  • Credibility. Confidence radiates to those around you and helps establish trust and credibility, allowing you to make a strong impact in the workplace.

Just remember, confidence doesn’t mean you have to be perfect all the time – it’s okay to make mistakes! Just make sure to draw conclusions and keep moving forward.

Be a Positive Role Model

People are more likely to follow someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

So, be a positive role model and show others the behaviors you want them to emulate. And, if you make a mistake, own up to it and learn from it – it’ll make you even more relatable and influential.

Be your Authentic Self

Authenticity is essential in building trust and credibility with others. When you are genuine and transparent in your interactions, you create deeper connections and build more meaningful relationships.

And, as a bonus, you’ll never have to remember who you’re pretending to be!

Flexibility is a Must

The ability to be flexible and adapt to change is critical in today’s fast-paced world. Be open-minded and willing to try new things. Who knows, you may discover a new hobby or talent!


Empathy and understanding are critical skills in having a positive influence on others. So, take the time to understand others’ perspectives and emotions, and you’ll be amazed at the connections you can build.

Take Feedback Positively

Feedback is a powerful tool. Therefore, be open to constructive criticism.

This way, you can assess objective reality based on more than just your own subjective opinion:

  • Improved performance. Positively accepting feedback allows you to identify areas for improvement and make changes that can enhance your performance;
  • Increased self-awareness. Receiving feedback helps you gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Stronger relationships. When you positively accept feedback, you demonstrate to others that you value their opinions and respect their insights.

Gratitude is a Powerful Force

Gratitude is a powerful force in the workplace. Expressing appreciation for the efforts and contributions of others can help you build stronger relationships.

Hence, find a moment to say thank you, and don’t be afraid to give a sincere compliment. This will contribute to establishing a positive work environment.

Be a Problem Solver

The skill of identifying and solving problems will help you gain credibility and influence.

Be proactive, stay positive, and always look for creative solutions to problems and challenges.

Work in Tandem with Others

Collaboration is key to success in the workplace. Teaming up well with others is key to achieving shared goals, and wielding greater influence. Become a team player and always look for opportunities to collaborate and support your colleagues.

Moreover, involve others in decision-making and problem-solving.

For example, you can be brilliant at generating exceptional ideas. But then, you need to collaborate well with those who are better at implementing them. Or vice versa.


Using facts and logic, the persuasive approach leads to a firm position supported by data that can be used to support a decision. These people act as experts and have great influence over their approach.

Here are some pros:

  • Stronger arguments. This approach provides a solid foundation for arguments that can be used to support a decision;
  • Increased credibility. The use of data and expert knowledge helps establish the person as a credible source;
  • More effective decision-making. The approach leads to well-supported decisions based on evidence and logic, increasing the chances of success.

So, stay abreast of industry trends and developments and always look for opportunities to learn and grow.


Exchange yields a win-win result. This type of influencer can use a gift or reward to support those who collaborate. They are also not afraid to exchange support for information.


In conclusion, enhancing your influence and impact is about being intentional and proactive in your interactions with others.

Remember, your influence and impact are valuable assets, so invest in them and make the most of every opportunity to grow and make a difference.