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Measuring the ROI of Leadership Development: 5 Tips

  Most companies understand the benefits of leadership development programs. In fact, in a recent survey from Deloitte, 86 percent of business leaders knew that their organizations’ future depended on the effectiveness of their leadership pipelines.  Unfortunately, knowing that leadership development is crucial to success doesn’t prevent companies ... Read More

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3 Ways to Stop Social Loafing In Cross-Functional Teams

  It is easier for people to take less accountability for performance when doing work as a part of a team. Known as social loafing, it is a common social phenomenon where a team member works less because their work is not visible to the broader team. This concept was first investigated by Max Ringelmann, a French professor of agricultural ... Read More

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Giving And Receiving Feedback: Going Back to the Basics

Regular feedback is an important part of employee development. Unfortunately, providing consistent and timely feedback can get lost in the weeds of the work week. Sometimes, when in a rush to give immediate feedback, managers drop a few positive comments and move on. Or, even worse, criticize without considering how those comments are delivered. ... Read More

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How Leaders Can Make Better Decisions Using Scenario Analysis

Leaders who possess good strategic thinking skills are an asset to any organization. They are able to accurately assess existing circumstances, factor in potential variables that could change those circumstances, and then determine the best course of action to take. There are many advantages of scenario analysis for leaders, providing them with an ... Read More

Managing Accountability: 7 Excuses You Need to Stop Making Now

“No one told me I needed to get your approval on this.” “I was too busy picking up the slack for someone else, so I couldn’t get my part of this project done on time.” “She should have been more clear about what she expected from me.” Excuses like these create a culture of accusation where people are too busy placing blame to focus on the root ... Read More

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Mistakes to Avoid in a Professional Development Plan

Many organizations promote the use of professional development plans (PDPs) for leaders to continue to grow over time. Formulating a good professional development plan requires a great deal of self-awareness, and there are a number of important action steps to follow when building a plan that makes sense. There are also a few mistakes people often ... Read More

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How Agile Leadership Can Improve Board Governance

The immense pressure on company boards to be more active and involved in developing and executing strategy will only intensify with today’s dynamic, innovative economy. Board positions are no longer seen as a ceremonial role or a perk for executives, and the days of the disinterested, ineffectual board member are over. Modern board governance is a ... Read More

How to Address the Pharma Talent Shortage

Disruptions throughout the global economy over the last few decades has left many industries with a talent gap. Although the pharmaceutical industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, it’s becoming more difficult than ever for companies to find high-quality talent to help them capitalize on that growth. Many pharma companies are ... Read More

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The Top 5 Must-Have Leadership Competencies

Leadership competencies are those key characteristics and skills possessed by leaders who drive organizational performance. For many organizations, identifying the leadership competencies that are most critical to success in various positions is an enormous challenge. With the right assessment strategies in place, companies can find and develop ... Read More

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What Are the Best Practices When Using Leadership Assessments

Organizations have been using leadership assessments to evaluate potential hires and current employees for quite some time. These tests are available in a variety of forms and can be designed to measure a wide range of personality characteristics. When used responsibly as part of a comprehensive assessment strategy, they provide useful insights to ... Read More

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