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Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Enhancing organizational and leadership development and strategy execution in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry.

From high potential leadership development programs to expert facilitation of senior team meetings, companies across industries partner with OnPoint to bring their strategies to life.

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Our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Clients Include:

Bayer Healthcare

Boston Medical Center Healthnet


Bristol-Myers Squibb


Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc.

What Our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Clients are Saying…

"I just thought they ‘got it’ more than the other company we were considering. In the conversations, it was just more ease of understanding our expectations. The other company would come back multiple times with a proposal that continued to not meet our needs. We were thinking about that and saying, ‘OnPoint clearly gets us a lot more than this other company.’ It just made more sense for us to go with them."
Cynthia Wynne
Learning Consultant
"It’s so funny that I think some people think of their vendors as a vendor; something under them that they manage, and I just don’t feel that way with Rick and Darlene. I really feel it is a true partnership. They absolutely want to understand the culture at GSK. They are concerned about that with the program development and the program implementation tweaks that we do. They get right in there and when we send things back and forth it’s never critical or anything like that. I just really feel they’re just true partners in the sense that they want to speak to understand, learn and apply it into the program and make it a really good program for GSK."
Ginny Hobson
Global Learning Manager