Virtual Team Building

How to build trusting relationships, manage conflict and enhance accountability.

Because the challenges of virtual team building and virtual leadership are relatively new, many companies haven’t adopted best practices for training leaders and teams. Managers are expected to figure it out for themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t working—49 percent of company stakeholders reported their virtual team leaders were not performing at a high level in our Virtual Team Study.

When virtual teams fail, your company is less productive and profitable. That’s why we offer virtual leadership assessments and interactive training programs for leaders. These programs are based on proven management models and our extensive research about what differentiates top-performing virtual leaders.

Our solutions focus on:

Resources for Virtual Team Building


Ebooks 5 Trends Impacting Virtual Teams

Virtual teams aren’t new, but they’re becoming much more prevalent today, revolutionizing the way companies do business. Does your virtual team have what it takes to stay competitive five years...

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