Virtual Team Training

Equip your virtual team with the assessments and training tools they need to succeed.

These days, it’s difficult to find the time and budget for training. That’s why OnPoint offers training in a variety of formats, including 90-minute instructor-led online programs or 30-minute self-directed e-learning programs. In addition, our series of Leading From a Distance topics can be combined based on your needs and delivered face-to-face in a half- or full-day session. Sessions can also be tailored to fit your company’s objectives, challenges and typical scenarios.

Topics Include:

Virtual Team Assessments

How can you be sure your virtual team leaders and team members have the skills and knowledge to be effective from a distance? We offer assessments to help them understand how to lead and participate more effectively from a distance and identify areas of improvement.

  • Leading From a Distance Simulation is an experiential online business exercise 
  • Leading From a Distance 360
  • High-Performing Virtual Team Assessment

Resources for Virtual Team Training


Video Tips For High-Impact Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings bring unique challenges. How can you help your virtual leaders make the most of them and enhance the team's productivity? In this short video, you'll learn valuable tips...

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