Change Management

How would you grade your organization’s effectiveness at managing change?

Chances are, there is room for improvement. Of the 655 leaders OnPoint Consulting has surveyed, just 46 percent said their organization was successful at change management. About a third also noted their companies had a poor track record of managing change.

Change is inevitable. We all know that. However, despite their sincerest efforts, many companies can’t seem to “operationalize” that knowledge and turn it into positive action.

What does it take to succeed in this area and what differentiates companies that do this well? It’s not enough to make the business case for change and have a clear vision of the future.

We have uncovered seven best practices from top companies who are successful at managing change.

  • Being realistic about what can be accomplished in the time available
  • Anticipating and addressing obstacles to implementation
  • Allocating adequate resources
  • Providing frequent updates
  • Allowing employees to express their opinions
  • Translating change goals into specific behaviors — focusing on “how” not just “what”
  • Aligning the performance management system with change objectives

Our change readiness solution includes:

Change Readiness Survey — Managing change is one of the greatest challenges of execution. Does your company have the right people and processes in place to effectively implement change? This survey offers valuable insights in these areas and allows you to better prepare for change.

Facilitating Change Readiness — This program identifies the management behaviors that are most effective when implementing change and prepares your leaders to overcome common obstacles in this area.

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