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Our solutions help you identify key employees and keep them engaged and productive.

Employees today change jobs about every 5 years, making companies more hesitant to invest in them. For Millennials, that number is even lower. They stay at a job just 3.2 years before moving on. That restlessness is in part fostered by a feeling that employers aren’t willing to invest in developing them. This is a no-win position for both companies and hardworking employees.

What can companies do to retain their top talent and identify and develop future leaders?

Here are some best practices:

  • Use a robust approach to identify high-potential employees using a variety of assessment tools such as 360s, leadership questionnaires, behavioral interviews and simulations
  • Tailor training to specific development needs using a combination of engaging learning experiences such as action learning teams, leadership development programs, webinars, e-learning, cases, articles, and on-the-job training
  • Develop a strong succession management process designed to develop leaders, keep key employees engaged and productive

These steps ultimately reduce the cost of employee turnover and lead to increased employee engagement. Leadership assessment and development is especially important among young employees, who are quickly becoming a larger percentage of your potential leadership pool.

Key Employee Retention and Engagement Solutions:

Engagement and Retention Survey — Find out where your company ranks in employee engagement and how that compares to engagement levels at top companies. Discover the key drivers of retention and engagement at your company, learn how you are currently performing in each of these key areas, and identify actions to close gaps and improve performance.

Identifying High Potential Employees — A comprehensive, data-driven picture of your company’s top performers. Our approach uses a variety of assessments to collect data on the factors most important for future leadership success.

Developing Future Leaders — We offer a number of courses for leaders at all levels. These programs are available in face-to-face, live online or self-directed learning formats. Our self-directed learning gives your company the flexibility to make training more scalable and affordable and allows employees to participate when it’s most convenient.

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