Closing the Execution Gap

Our solutions help you identify your strategy execution gaps and address those gaps.

The business world has shifted its focus from developing strategy to the consistent delivery of results. If an organization can’t execute its plans and initiatives, nothing else matters: not the most solid, well-thought-out strategy, not the most innovative business model, not even technological breakthroughs that could transform an industry.

What do successful companies do to close the execution gap?

First, they answer some important questions:

  • What really gets in the way of getting things done — for individuals, teams and entire companies?
  • What can leaders do to enhance their organization’s ability to close the execution gap and achieve solid business results?
  • What does it take to consistently execute plans and initiatives on a day-to-day operational level?

How we help answer these questions:

Execution Gap Survey — This detailed study of your company’s leaders and employees offers critical insight into what factors necessary for execution are currently in place and how they compare to top-performing companies. It also provides valuable feedback on how well employees believe these elements are working and identifies priorities that will allow you to execute more effectively.

Programs for Closing the Execution Gap

Effective Judgment and Decision Making: The best leaders act decisively and wisely even under the most difficult circumstances. Your leaders will hone their skills in this area through proven best practices.

Building and Sustaining Cooperation: This program is essential for anyone working within a cross-functional team or managing relationships across boundaries.

Facilitating Change Readiness: This program identifies the management behaviors that are most effective when implementing change and prepares your leaders to overcome common obstacles in this area.

Enhancing Accountability: Managing a team is a lot like being an air traffic controller, and the acronym (ATC) explains the elements necessary for accountability. Effective managers take action and clearly define expectations, set realistic timetables and use checkpoints to keep everyone on track. This program is designed to help your managers practically apply these techniques and others.

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Resources for Closing the Execution Gap: