Cross-Functional Leadership

How to help your cross-functional team leaders improve collaboration and achieve shared goals.

In matrix organizations with cross-functional teams, leaders need to understand how to effectively influence others who may not report to them. In many cases, leaders lack the skills needed to gain cooperation within the team and team members often lack the resources and knowledge to collaborate effectively. Without clear decision authority, commitment to shared goals and accountability, team progress can be slow or miss important objectives.

Cross-functional team leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. A good first step is gaining an understanding of how cross-functional teams operate and what leaders can do to improve collaboration:

  • Which factors make it difficult to work effectively across functions or departments?
  • How can you boost collaboration within your cross-functional team?
  • Which tactics are most effective when influencing people who do not report to you?
  • How can you clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations in cross-functional teams?

We offer training courses and tools for cross-functional team leaders:

Each program is available as a full day or half-day face-to-face session or in a 90-minute instructor-led online format. They are also available in a self-guided e-learning format, which makes them more accessible, cost-effective and scalable. Each program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Topics include:

  • Empowering the Members of Your Matrix Team 
  • Managing Accountability in a Matrix 
  • Enhancing Judgment and Decision-Making in a Matrix
  • Courageous Dialogue: Engaging in High-Impact Conversations 
  • Inspirational Leadership 
  • Organizational Assessment to Work Better Within a Matrix 

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Even when a team is assembled with the best of intentions—improving decision making, boosting sales or bringing a new product to market—there's no guarantee its members will work well together.

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