Working Better Across Boundaries

How to enable your teams to better collaborate across organizational and physical boundaries.

Today’s workplace often requires leaders to gain consensus across organizational boundaries, acquiring support from those who have no reporting relationship to them. In this environment, leaders cannot always rely on established authority to get the job done. They need their peers to do more than just comply with a request; they need them to fully commit to a common vision and work together to make it happen.

That’s why a leader’s effectiveness today largely depends on how effectively he or she is able to influence others.

Effective influencers understand what is important to other team members from an organizational perspective and at a personal level, taking into account their core values and beliefs. There are many ways to do this, but some influencing tactics tend to be perceived more positively than others. Positive tactics tend to be the most effective at gaining commitment without damaging relationships.

Our Solutions Help Your Teams Work Better Across Boundaries:

Each program is available as a full-day or half-day face-to-face session or in a 90-minute instructor-led online format. They are also available in a self-guided e-learning format, which makes them more accessible, cost-effective and scalable. Each program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Influence With Impact 
  • Courageous Dialogue: Engaging in High-Impact Conversations 
  • Involving Matrix Partners in Decisions

Resources for Working Better Across Boundaries


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