Cross-Functional Team Training

Give your cross-functional team leaders and members the online or in-person training they need to succeed.

Ready to accelerate your company’s performance? As more companies work in cross-functional teams, a lack of clear authority and conflicting priorities can create ambiguity, which means many of these teams are not fully performing. How can organizations become more effective at working across boundaries and developing cross-functional team leaders and teams?

OnPoint’s training programs are based on proven research and practical experience. We have helped many companies—such as Amway, Bayer, GE and Pep Boys—enhance cross-functional team effectiveness and make the matrix work.

Our Training Programs For Cross-Functional Teams

Each program is available as a full-day or half-day face-to-face session or in a 90-minute instructor-led online format. They are also available in a self-guided e-learning format which makes them more accessible, cost-effective and scalable. Each program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Topics Include:

For Managers and Team Leaders

  • Leading Cross-Functional Teams
  • The Secret to Successful Decision Making in a Matrix
  • Empowering Your Cross-Functional Team to Excel
  • Critical Thinking: Enhancing Judgment in a Matrix
  • Enhancing Accountability in a Matrix
  • Inspirational Leadership: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

For Both Cross Functional Team Members and Team Leaders

  • Influencing Across Organizational Boundaries
  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Courageous Dialogue: Engaging in High Impact Conversations
  • Involving Matrix Partners on Decisions

Resources for Cross-Functional Team Training


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